February 24, 2018

What to Read to My Young Uns!

What to Read to My Young UnsHi All –

I had a sweet baby nephew born a couple of months ago! His birth has started me thinking about when my kiddos were just sprouts and its actually kind of exciting! Well for lots of reasons, really!

And it has started with reading! I loved, loved, loved reading to my kids and really miss that as they learned to read on their own. We did do family stories from time to time, but my #5 is not so keen on being read to. So now I get to delve back into the magical world of children’s books.

My favorites you may ask? Oh let me tell you. No kids library is complete without Goodnight Moon! You can start reading it at such an early age because the colors catch their developing eye. And the board book is pretty sturdy for grabby hands! Then comes Love You Forever, Where the Wild Things Are, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Anything by Dr. Seuss.

As the kids got more mobile, we would do library reading hour and then they could pick a basketful of books that we would bring home to read. It was a cool way to teach them responsibility as they each had a bag they kept their own books in so when the due date day rolled around, we usually knew where most of them were. And who doesn’t love the smell of a library? All those great books!

It was enlightening to see which books caught their eye. Dinosaurs, dragons, Barbie, unicorns all frolicked through our house into their dreams. Plus they could memorize pages of simple books and it was hilarious as they “read” me their faves. And trust me, we read them a lot. These books may get old for adults after a time or two, but not the little ones. They can read them a bazillion times!

So needless to say, my last trip to hug on the new sweetness invading my heart involved me toting books. His mom and dad are pretty smart too as they already had a head start on what I am sure is going to be an incredible, adventurous library!

Chat soon ~


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Julie is an awesome parent (along with her husband Matt) to five adopted kiddos and the owner of the Parenting Allies website.

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