January 22, 2018

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!Hi All –

Riding in the car yesterday, I heard the phrase – Time flies when you are having fun, but doesn’t when you are not! Most days, never give this statement a second glance. But today – it caught my ear. Seems the speaker was posing the question as she was on the treadmill after what she thought was 15 minutes but was only 5! Now you know I know exercising is not considered “fun” so I get her meaning. What started me ponderin’ is this – is it the ‘what we are doing’ or how we think about ‘what we are doing’ that causes the clock to take flight?!

Here’s an example. I am so not a big fan of high school jazz band concerts. I like jazz and like high schoolers (usually!) but jazz concerts are sheer torture. So what if I didn’t focus on my distaste of the long-winded pieces they play that tail off at the end without any finality, but instead concentrate on my cute son playing trombone in the 2nd row. Or the awesome trumpet playing of his best friend. What if I watched the kids’ smiling faces as they enjoy what they are doing, are nervous during their solos, and loving being with their friends. Or the beaming parents as they grin and point out the position of their pride and joys! All of sudden, time whizzed by as the last song slowly ends (I think that was the end?!).

Now what happened? I made it fun by doing the things that I enjoy – which is people watching, relationship interactions. These things ring my bell. I have been known to sit for hours at a busy park event doing nothing but watching peoples. And be bummed when I have to get up and go. I can do the same thing with hard or monotonous work because I focus on the sense of contentment I will get in completing a hard task.

So I’m thinking that I might have a new outlook on time dragging situations. In fact, it seems I might have control over time! (wink)

Chat soon –

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Julie is an awesome parent (along with her husband Matt) to five adopted kiddos and the owner of the Parenting Allies website.

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  1. I always wonder how the band teachers can stand teaching at the beginning when everyone is just learning. Takes a very special person!

    • They just love what they do I think. You can certainly tell a teacher who wants to be teaching band from one who is just doing it until something better comes along. Fortunately, my kids have had the former!

  2. I do believe that we really can control the time. We can make it fast and slow everyday. Time flies really fast when we are enjoying the thing we are doing every day. Time will be really slow if we are bored and forced to do things we don’t like. 🙂
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