February 24, 2018

Total Transformation Reviews

Total Transformation Program by James Lehman

The Total Transformation by James Lehman

Have you been scouring the internet looking for Total Transformation Reviews? I can understand the skepticism! When I first found out about The Total Transformation by James Lehman I was pretty leery myself. I’d read what seems like hundreds of books about child raising and while I was getting results from some I wasn’t really satisfied. However, when I started listening to the CD’s, watching the DVD’s and going through the workbook, I had to say to myself “This is different!”

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to start implementing the tools Mr. Lehman gives you in The Total Transformation. In fact, there’s one CD called “The One Minute Transformation” that shows you how to turn your child’s attitude around in one minute or less. Guess what? It works!

There is one section called “Concepts of Behavior Management” that goes over different situations that occur within a family, and how to handle them (or not handle them sometimes). I think this is the meat and potatoes of the course. It contains 27 different key concepts relating to Behavior Management. Number one and the most important: Accept no excuse for abuse. This is non-negotiable. This includes verbal, physical, or psychological abuse. While self-defense is not abuse, self-defense that abuses other people is abuse.

Here are 3 others that struck a chord with me. Remember, this is just a sample of what’s included.

  • The 10 Words to say to a mouthy child. This technique really works. It stops the back talk and cursing no matter how nasty they are. If your home is a living war zone, this one tip can start changing it into a place of peace and sanity.
  • Accountability. The word-by-word scripts are easy to follow and remember. This skill will get your child to take responsibility for his own behavior and stop blaming you (yeah!) and others.
  • Stop the Show. This is a great way to stop fighting and acting out in public. Does your child become more defiant when he is around his friends? This is a must-have tool! For our family, this one technique probably showed the most marked change of all.

What I discovered is that this program showed me how to stop ANY argument with my kids instantly. No matter their age or size I no longer had to be sucked into their need to have me solve their problems.  From the first day, I learned a whole new way to get my children to cooperate with yelling, threatening or cajoling. The powerlessness and power struggles was replaced with a child who listened and responded appropriately.

Straight forward analysis and answers.

The best thing about this program in my opinion is Mr. Lehman’s straight forward way of talking and explaining everything. When he tells you why something is the way it is, you’ll find yourself saying “That makes total sense!” I could really see that he understands the dynamic of parent/child relationships. It was almost like he was living in our house! And when he tells you what to do, you just know right away that it’s going to work.

This is just a taste of what I’ve learned in The Total Transformation.

Click here for an interactive multi-media presentation that lets you listen to a sample of each CD and watch a little of the DVD’s too.

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If you’re having trouble maintaining control of your house, like I did, take a look at The Total Transformation now.

You know what else I like? Right now, they are offering the program for free. All you have to do is just order it and then complete and return the enclosed Feedback Survey. So really you’ve got nothing to lose!

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Matt is the parent (along with his wife Julie) to five wonderful kids. He has been self-employed for 25+ years and is the owner of the Parenting Allies website.


  1. Kristy Justus says:

    I am a mother of a 14 yr. old boy who has decided it is better for him to be the parent. I am battling breast cancer and I have been since Nov. his attitude and physical happenings have just gotten worst. I had to send him to his father’s just today, because it has gotten to the point that he has left big bruises on my arms. I do not have the strength to fight with him anymore and I am physically and emotionally drained from fighting with him. We do not have the money to spend on this program because of the other circumstances that are going on medically. All I wish is that there was some way to get help with my son before it is to late and he does end up in the system. I love my child very much and I know most of what is going on with him is because of my medical condition and therefore it is somewhat my fault that he is acting like this, I do not want anyone else to have to deal with my child acting like this, if by some reason my body decides to give up on the fight it has to fight! My mind is fighting for all its might for my son and for myself! PLEASE any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. Hi Kristy, I feel for your situation. That must be very hard. The number one thing Mr. Lehman says is that “there’s no excuse for abuse”. His being physically or verbally abusive to you is NOT OK! And it’s certainly not your fault. Having that mentality is not a very good place to come from, you need to be the strong one. One phrase that Mr. Lehman taught us and it works very well is “Don’t talk to me that way. I don’t like it”.

    If you wait until July 1st, there may be a way for you to get this program at a price you can afford. They are coming out with a new system that will help to get the product in the hands of people like you that need it the most, but can’t afford it.


  3. I’m an ADULT (chronical age anways!) and have only been recognized as having ADHD in the last couple of years. Embarrassingly, I have problems with temper tantrums (I’m almost middle aged). I try very hard to overcome this problem as it has effected my work life. I feel like a toddler because I have not yet figured out how to concur this. I am in talk therapy but have numerous issues to bring up. Is there any book/s like: Total Transformation for adults with similar issues?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Kay, I’ve found success with “Homecoming” by John Bradshaw. It’s about inner child therapy, fascinating. Check it out.

  4. I purchased the program a few weeks ago and I love it, my son just turned 4 but has already been acting out. I feal I’m gaining power as a parent and my son is responding better. I am already seeing changes in his behavior, but you have to really listen to and then apply the information. I am realizing that my behavior needs to change as well. No kid is too small for this program. The sooner the better as you can stop unwanted behavior from the beginning. I just wanted to share my thoughts of the program!! Good Luck- Jackie

    • Hey Jackie, I’m glad you’re having success with the program. I agree – you have to work at it, but it’s worth it!

  5. ive used this program for about two years now it has alot of good advice and i said alot of why didnt i think of thats its worked on three of my kids but the one i got it for it hasnt helped she has gotten progresivly worse we have been seeing a theripist three times a week for about eight months now its not helping either ive decided it will help the child who wants to change thier behavior but not the ones who think they dont have any problems its everyone else so until she sees the light i dont think anything will help

    • Lori Conner says:

      @mamiller: Hello, I too am in need of this program from Dr. Lehman, The Total Transformation but I cannot afford the price they are asking for. Looking for someone who has used the system and would be willing to sell at a reduced rate. I’ve read nothing but rave reviews and simply cannot wait to get started on the path to an easier parent/child relationship with my son! Thank you!

      • @Lori Conner:

        Lori, I called them yesterday and they are still doing the promotion. But, you have to pay the entire amount up front or in 3 payments. When you finish the program and complete the survey, then they will refund you. I was unable to afford this so they gave me a 30 day trial and I only had to pay the 19 for shipping. They ship UPS so the 30 days starts on the day you acutally receive it. If you send it back before the 30 days is up you will owe nothing. I decided 19 dollars is a good investment in order to give it a try. Hope this helps

  6. Hi~
    I ordered the total transformation about three months ago and really love it! I have filled out the survey to receive it for only shipping and handling. BUT, I need to fill in two parts and have misplaced the one-minute transformation CD. Could someone help me with what self-disclosure to the child refers to and do, not say implies. I have implimented many aspects of his program with my daughter and have seen wonderful results! Don’t give up! Our consistency is what our children need!

  7. I am so glad to hear this program is working for you. Your house must be much more peaceful and calm. Here is the link that describes Self-Disclosure http://www.empoweringparents.com/omtdetails.php?id=9. As for the do, not say I don’t have the CD’s right now as a friend is previewing them and for the life of me I can’t remember this. I often leave that 1 minute transformation CD handy as it never fails I need a refresher on something (like I did on Self disclosure). This program is excellent for this! Good luck and you are an awesome parent!

  8. Yolandi Collings says:

    Hi, I am from South Africa, is there a way to buy this program?

    • Hi Yolandi,

      If you call 1-866-620-1294, you can order the product over the phone and they’ll ship it anywhere in the world!

  9. Lillian Duvenage says:

    Hi I am also from South Africa and at my wits end with my 15 year old son. I tried everything and can’t afford the program. Is there anyway I can buy the program locally.

    Desperate mother

    • Hi Lillian,

      If you call 1-866-620-1294, you can order the product over the phone and they’ll ship it anywhere in the world!

  10. hi I just have question about the survey of the transformation program, I am thinking to order this program but I dont know if the survey is hard answer to all questions. I’m not very good in English and if I can’t answer all questions, I’m afraid that they won’t refund my money. I can’t afford to pay that much money right now, but I really need help with my two kids. I’m a single mother and it is so hard that they are almost teen ager. Lately, they have been give me alot of talked back and didn’t listen at all. I need someone answer me please. Thanks alot

  11. Hi, I just saw the commercial for this program. I have a 7 year old daughter, who does not like to follow directions, steals, lies, beats up kids, goes through everyones belongings & steals them. My husband and I have done everything we could think of, she is seeing a therapist, going to a behavior hospital, grounding, spankings, taking things away, we have tried EVEYTHING. She does not care about anything and has no conserns about other people or anything. I was just wondering if this program would help us with her problem. We are out of option and dont know what else to do.

  12. I am a counselor, and I am interested in teaching this course. Do I need certification to teach it?

  13. Hello, you mention that it’s free in your last paragraph, but I’m not sure how out-of-date this article is. Do you know if it’s still free if we fill out the survey? Or was it for a limited time only?
    Thank you!

  14. I am having a hellish time with my five year old son. Bedtimes are the worst, but mornings and getting ready for school can leave me feeling insane.

    I read about RAD and wonder if that’s what my son might be developing. I’m not 100% overly reactive to him, but I know that when I’m tired and he’s doing his defiance bit, I go into instant war-mode with him. It leaves us both crying and completely emotional banged up. This is not good for either one of us and I know I need some help. I want to get this anger of mine handled before I damage his self-esteem for good. I’m working on myself in many ways but I still need help with the actual parenting part.

    Would this program work for a RAD child?

    Just a note, my son is not completely defiant yet. It mostly comes out in the morning, and worse at night. Basically when he’s super tired. But I’m afraid that if I don’t do something now, it’ll jsut increase and eventually become part of his personality.

    Thanks for any help.

  15. Kat – So sorry to hear about the struggles you are having. Bedtime is the worst mostly because we parents are tired too!
    If you are wondering if your child is RAD, do the RAD checklist http://parentingallies.com/attachment-disorder-symptoms/. This will give you an answer on that question.
    Either way, this program is good for parenting skills and can help you nip defiance in the bud. I can also give you a specific plan for bedtime too.
    I also have learned that if your child is hungry, angry, lonely or tired (HALT), this makes working with them much more difficult, but not impossible! Keep going awesome mom!

  16. Nancy Toomey says:

    I just received your total transformation program and since I purchased it for my cousin, and I and a local pastor will be helping her, I need an additional blank survey.Your paper says I can request a copy at this website. Therefore I am requesting an additional copy of the survey.

  17. My granddaughter, aged 10, has Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Based on everything I have read about the disorder, it is not merely parenting techniques that will improve her behavior. Her brain is wired to give her the immediate impulse to do the opposite of what we ask so everything, regardless of how minor, begins with her arguing. Even when her misbehavior calls for a restriction, she does not give up her fight. She quickly becomes over emotional, similar to a toddler’s tantrum. The techniques learned in therapy have not helped — because her powerful impulses to argue and do the opposite get the better of her. How is this addressed in the program?

    • Bonnie – This program is aimed at kids exactly as you described your granddaughter. The tips on how to not engage in their arguing, what to say, when to walk away, how to let them own their decisions and progress to making right ones are all included. Their is a great Fast Start section to give you helps immediately. The best part is if you get this back on course at age 10, then by the teenager years you will be a pro and she will be a happier girl! Good luck!
      Julie recently posted..Mama WarMy Profile

    • Bonnie :

      I am a registered nurse and I work with mentally challenged adults in clinical behavior. I’ve seen these ads and I won’t suggest that some technics work with some children, however if you read the reviews here and the administrators comments system cures all behaviors in minutes, and think about it thats just not going to happen, which leads me to believe this is just another for of bottling snake oil.
      First and foremost Dr. Mustard from MacMaster University in Hamilton Ont. talks about two periods in a child’s life where they rebel. First occurs around the age of six when they don’t want your help picking their clothes or helping them dress, second comes when they are about sixteen when they rebel at their parents for trying to choose their friends. We all did it and we all drove our parents crazy with it.
      Every child is an individual and has their own set of issues. Buying this program is looking for that quick fix to problems that you haven’t found out what is causing the behavior. So in my opinion this program is a money making scam.
      Take some time talk to to your child find out what’s really going on in their life that has created this shift.

      Good luck


      • Just to be clear here, we do not say that this program “cures” all behaviors in minutes. That would be a lie. It does gives you some phrases that can nip behaviors escalating into disrespectful, out of control behavior. This program is geared to help families struggling with ongoing oppositional problems. As you say, communication is vital and developing good skills to do this is part too of this system.

  18. I just ordered the program. I am interested in how this program is going to help me deal with my son. He is smart, knows manners and respect, knows responsibility but is now reaching an age, 15, where he is becoming defiant. Yes, it is somewhat of a normal phase many teenagers go through so many say. However, if there is anything I can learn I’ll take it.

    My oldest daughter rebelled at 16-17 and it was such an emotional roller coaster that our relationship is still fractured. She will be 25 this year and she is finally seeing a therapist as there are many issues she created for herself that i tried to circumvent but failed. I can’t go through another phase of another rebellious teenager, and my son is close to my oldest daughter. He kind of looks up to her and her bullheadedness and sees it as liberating I guess. He knows what her behavior has done to our family and he seems to be going down the same path.

    My middle child is 23 and the only one that has been my slow and steady. We call her the “under the radar kid”. She was quiet, watched, learned what to do and what not to do, what worked and what didn’t, and is now finishing up her Masters Degree and on her way to bright future.

    I will post updates of what I learn and what results I am getting. I hope this program helps my husband and I out as well as our entire family. I am tired of wracking my brains and emotions trying to figure out what we did wrong as parents.

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