January 22, 2018

The Start of The Empty Nest Season

The Start of The Empty Nest SeasonHi All –

This year has been the beginning of the “ends” in our family. You know, the end of things your family does. Like the end of having any children in our elementary school. For so long, in fact 19 years,  it has been the beginning of things. Firsts, like walking, talking, swimming lessons, kindergarten, junior high school, baseball, band, football, high school, driving, college.

The “ends”  – aren’t given much thought when you are starting out. So when they hit, they blindsided me. You ask what are the ends? They were end of elementary school, as aforementioned, and a big one, the end of every family vacation together. That is mostly what prompts this blog. We made arrangements to go to our favorite family vacation spot this year and shortly after making the reservations, found out #1 had to be back to college 3 weeks early because he is going to be a RA in his dorm. And #2 is taking summer classes for college and will be in school. Ugh –

At first, I thought of the positives. Less people in the car, cheaper for food, no car topper carrier for all the luggage. One hotel room instead of 2 to house all of us. Those were good things, until I got to the beach. Then the emotions hit me. They aren’t here :'(! And add insult to injury, we stayed at a new place and I felt like I was erasing them from the fam picture. It took a better part of the rest of the day to cry it out! The end of an era.

Even while I am writing this, there is only me and #4 here for 2 days. Everyone else is gone for school or out of town. I can’t say I remember that happening before either. Nice and weird!

I do look forward to empty nest season. Snuggling babies again that I am soo looking forward to. And more alone time with my man..oh yeah that would be great!! It is just for now, it is going to be tempered with a bit of sadness from the “ends”.

Chat soon ~


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Julie is an awesome parent (along with her husband Matt) to five adopted kiddos and the owner of the Parenting Allies website.

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