January 22, 2018

The Easter/Lava Lamp Fiasco

Lava LampYou might be wondering what Easter has to do with a lava lamp. Read this new story by Kris Fino to find out!

This Easter for us was like almost any other holiday…..rushed and chaotic.  We want to do the best we can for the 8 year-old we have at home.  Now, we knew Easter was coming.  But even with that prior knowledge, we still discussed it only a few days before it happened. It was like we were surprised that there would be Easter this year or something.  I braved WalMart at rush hour and bought the infamous Easter supplies after work the day before.  I was pretty sure I got everything.  We have our 8 year-old, my two step kids who are 24 and 28, and a grandson, 4.  We have my son’s godparents, and of course my brother and his kids (even though they’re grown, after years of this silliness, I still can’t seem to deny them the traditional basket).

So after work the night before Easter, everything for the big day is in the trunk of the car.  We do our regular thing:  I come home from work.  My husband and I exchange a quick “hello” and an update on our 8 year-old.  We kiss goodbye and he goes to work.  I take over the child care duties which include bath, homework, and reading at bedtime.  After he is in bed he is instructed to not get out or else the Easter bunny will not come.

My son say’s “I know!  Because Easter bunny is bringing me that lava lamp!”

“What lava lamp”  I asked.

“The one daddy and I saw at the mall.”

“How does Easter bunny know you want a lava lamp?”  I asked him.

“Because he knows everything!”  he was emphatic.  “That’s what Easter bunny is bringing me this year for Easter, a lava lamp!”

As soon as he was in bed, I called my husband at work, and he said he would figure something out about this seemingly new development.

So now, of course, as luck would have it, I really didn’t have everything because I knew nothing of any lava lamp.

I went out to the car and piled the goodies and baskets on the kitchen table and got to work.  I started boiling the eggs while unwrapping the movies that Easter bunny thought he was supposed to get, Easter hay, glow-sticks, and bags of candy (and healthy food for the uncle and godparents).  This takes a while, as all of you parents who do this sort of thing must know.  As soon as the eggs are done, I let them cool in cold water, and find the vinegar and food coloring and begin the egg-beautifying process.

After the baskets are all together and the eggs colored, the basket and egg-hiding ritual begins.  By this time it is 1:30 in the morning, and I have been up since before daylight, and can think of nothing else but going to bed.  And I can’t stop thinking about the last minute lava lamp.  How did I not hear about this earlier?

After I get to bed, I fall into a nice sleep.  Suddenly, after about 30 minutes (2:00 in the morning), my son sits up in bed and rubs his tired eyes.  Then he looks over toward the living room and becomes instantaeously excited.  “Mom!  Mom!”  he shouted. “Look!  The Easter bunny brought the baskets!”  I thought desperately about what to say.

“Shhhh!”  I said.  “Its only 2 a.m.  The Easter bunny may still be here.”  I was pretty happy with myself.

The look on his face was something between amazement and horror.  His eyes grew large and his brows furrowed at the same time.  I started to laugh quietly.  The dogs began barking at what I presumed to be raccoons outside.  But his face didn’t change.

“Shhhh!” he persisted.  “Tell Fatty and Pelusa, stop barking!  Mom!  The dogs are going to scare the Easter bunny!”

The whole situation was just too funny, and I couldn’t help myself.  I tried to hold it in.

“Mom!”  he said, now with an angry, fearful tone in his voice.  “Mom! Stop it!  You’re going to scare the Easter bunny!”

“Yes,” I said, “We better be quiet so the Easter bunny won’t leave.  He may still be hiding things for you.” I continued to stifle my laugh.  But he was not having any of it.  He chided me in a serious, frantic manner.  “Mom!  Stop it!  You’re scaring the Easter bunny!”  His teeth became clenched and he was now almost as desperate as he was horrified at my unwelcome giggles.

I told him that if the Easter bunny gets scared, he might not be able to leave all of his goodies, so we better try to get back to sleep now. He agreed, but could only lie still as a board, with his eyes wide open, as if in some kind of trance.

The next morning my husband came through as he said he would.  After spending all of Easter morning finding the hidden eggs and goodies, and digging through his Easter basket, he found a special card on the counter from the Easter bunny.  Inside of it was a note that Easter bunny had gotten scared on Easter eve, but would be sure to send the lava lamp. “Look!  The Easter bunny left me a card!  And it says he got me a lava lamp!”

The following day the “package” had arrived from “Bunny Lane”.

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Kris is wife to Robert and mom to Gabriel, a wonderful little boy. She enjoys animals, especially horses, and likes to write about children, pets, and other things close to her heart!

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