February 20, 2018

Thanksgiving – or Is It?

Thanksgiving - or Is It?Hi All!

Today I was musing over this upcoming holiday (and wondering how I am going to get everything cooked in my one oven!). It seems to be an interesting holiday. You see, are we really thankful for what we have or only the good things we have?

Let me tell you where I am going here…I have recently, and mighty slowly, learned that I am over’the’rainbow grateful for all the good things in my life. Not even close on those that are okay and forget about those that are bad/hard/horrible/confusing/problematic, well you get the idea!! How hard is it really to be grateful for the good?! Really?? There is the musing.

A very few times I have told God thank you for a bad situation. And when I did a jaw-dropping thing happened – the situation did not go away! But what did was my lousy attitude. I started watching for what might be happening, or for me – what God was using for good!

I saw a sign the other day – “The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.”  I know, right?! What if not only was I thankful for when problems arose, but actually was not shocked when they did? Just a part of life attitude! Now I am not saying be all hypervigilant or what not. I am suggesting approach each day with an anticipation of how am I going to grow, be part of someone else’s journey, or be okay with just not knowing why.

I am NOT advocating to approach life as ‘matter of factly’. PUHLEASE!! I am made in the image of my Savior, who wept, laughed, and pleaded for the cup to be removed. I am merely wondering what life would be like for me, you, the world if we were truly thankful for all that was given to us.

So Happy Thanksgiving, burnt turkey and all!

Chat soon ~

P.S. One final thought, a good friend of ours son was killed last week in Afghanistan, serving for the United States. I wouldn’t be so thoughtless or callous to recommend being thankful for his death. That is “not knowing why” thing that I must be okay with.  Mama J.

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Julie is an awesome parent (along with her husband Matt) to five adopted kiddos and the owner of the Parenting Allies website.

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