January 22, 2018

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Matt is the parent (along with his wife Julie) to five wonderful kids. He has been self-employed for 25+ years and is the owner of the Parenting Allies website.


  1. i have a very bossy and defiant two year old. what do i do?

  2. From books and videos that I’ve seen or read, one of the best things we can NOT do is overreact. There are times we want to just scream out loud and tear our hair out, but that would be playing into what our little one wants. Remaining calm is the first thing (although not easy!). Sometimes ignoring the tantrum is the best way to diffuse it. When your 2 year-old realizes that he (or she!) can’t get the reaction they want, they’ll try something else.

    With defiance, we can give the infamous “time-out”. One time I got so distraught with my two year-old that I locked myself in the bathroom while he screamed and kicked the door for what seemed like an eternity. I came out only when he was done, and that seemed to diffuse that particular situation. I have put him in his room and shut the door, not letting him out until he stopped his wild display of emotion, and that took a few times, but finally worked. My child is very defiant and he has been difficult, but persistence and consistence has paid off (although I feel I have aged way too much over these first years!!!).

  3. hi i have a 3 yr old who will not do as he is told he just looks through you when you are telling him off i have tryed the naughty step works for a few mins then hes back to been naughty i also can not take him out any where he climbs over tabels will not sit still, cant take him shopping he screams for toys he will not sit in shopping trolly he trys climbing out and he just never stops talking all day long i no hes a very active little boy but i just dont no what to do .

  4. my exwife has my 13 yr old daughter so messed up. she let her do what ever she wants when it her weekend. she was alowing her to date a 23 yr old telling her its ok i done it when i was your age just don’t tell your dad. i went to the cops and dhr about it to put a stop to it . my daughter tried to run away last night had to get the cops to find her . how do you deal with somthing like this when the mother tell the chikld it ok you dont have to listen to your dad or stepmother.need help asap

    • Man, that is such a bummer. I just did an article on stepparents http://parentingallies.com/stepparents-roles/. But it does take an agreement on both parts of what direction to go with your teen. Sounds to me like you are doing what you can do when she is with you and that is all you can do. Keeping your daughter accountable for her actions (cops), having curfews and rules when she is at your house is good parenting. Also as a side note, is there laws in your state about adults with minors? Here it is if there is more than 3 years age difference, it is called statutory rape. Might be worth checking into. Keep up the good fight, it will tell your daughter that she is valuable – though she may not seem to care, she does!

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