February 20, 2018

Helping Kids Resolve Conflict

One of the toughest parent assignments we have is helping kids resolve conflict. Starting at an early age, we realize these babes are not born with any conflict resolution skills. Considering “mine” is right up there on one of the first words they learn. We know from that, we are going to need to be […]

How ADHD/Asperger’s Children Make Friends

The diagnosis of ADHD or Asperger’s carries a lot of concerns. One of these is how ADHD/Aspergers children make friends. There is hope. As a mom of 5 children, 3 with special needs, I can remember wondering will kids ever accept them. And more so, will they have close friends who want to play with […]

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Apologies are an interesting thing. We were taught as youngsters to always say “sorry”. That is the right thing to do. It just has always bothered me, first to tell my kids to say it and second, the way they say it. ‘Soooorrry’, sniff just does not evoke relationship mending feelings. Over my parenting years […]

Out of Control Kids: Is this Normal?

One of the questions every parent asks when their children become teens (and start acting like teens) is “is this normal teen behavior or are they out of control kids?” So the best place to start to answer this question would be to determine a basic list of “normal” behaviors. “Normal” Acting moody and secretive […]

Child Behavior Problem – 3 Tools Children Are Not Born With

Do you have a child behavior problem around your house? The truth is good behavior is a skill that can be learned, just like teaching, sewing, driving a car. I believe there are three important tools that our children are not born with and need to learn as a foundation for good behavior. These are: […]

Teen Behavior – Setting Limits

Parents need to set limits with their kids of all ages. When they’re young, that’s not so tough. It’s easy to keep a toddler from touching the stove, or running out in the street. As they get older, especially into their teen years, it becomes harder and harder. Not only do the limits need to […]

What Do You Learn From Total Transformation?

What exactly do you learn from Total Transformation? In other words, how does the program work? If you think that you’ll change your kid’s behaviors without changing your own behavior, then whatever you do, don’t buy Total Transformation. As we go through the DVD’s and CD’s, it becomes abundantly clear that James Lehman is out […]

What Is The Total Transformation?

What Is The Total Transformation? The Total Transformation is a parenting program designed for parents of difficult children – defiant, out-of-control, abusive, etc. It is for parents of kids with all kinds of behavioral problems ranging from ADD and ADHD to ODD, Autism, and bipolar disorder. The main jist of the Total Transformation is that […]

Total Transformation Overview

I was first introduced to The Total Transformation by my neighbor. She is the mother of an eight year old autistic child and she told me that it was doing wonders in helping her to parent him. She said that she thought it might help with our five strong-willed kiddos and that I should check […]

Six Positive Parenting Skills That Lead to Accountability

Our primary job as a positive parent is to make sure our kids are able to function successfully on their own when they leave the house. Every decision we make should be made with that goal in mind. This knowledge and single-minded focus should help us to navigate the waters of parenting much easier, because we […]

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