February 24, 2018

My Children Keep Making Mistakes

My children keep making mistakes. Yep I said it. And not just a variety of mistakes. Normally it is the same mistake again and again. And teens are pros at this, it seems. While I was generally perusing Twitter, I came across this video by Annie Fox, M. ED “Why You Should Encourage Your Children […]

You Are So Smart – What Not to Say to Your Kids!

This article below was posted on my Facebook this morning and it hit right at home with me. I have felt that there was just something off about telling my kids they were smart. My #3 is brilliant and will not try anything if he cannot succeed immediately at it! Frustration has reigned since he […]

Parent Resources Guidance

You know the age old lament – “kids don’t come with instruction manuals!” (I have even caught myself saying it!)? Well I decided to give you some parent resources guidance. It is a bit like a manual in that I put several resources in this one article to have at your fingertips. This website also […]

Raising Sons to be Men

Raising sons to be men is hard enough in a two-parent family. But for a single mom, this can seem insurmountable. However, this is not necessarily the case anymore. That is good news for women who are struggling to be both mom and dad. There are certain traits that boys must learn (and some they must […]

Struggling with Kids Homework

School’s back in session. This brings cheers and groans from parents. The groans are for the struggling with kids homework. The cheers are for much needed breathing space from said kids! I have an idea! Let’s change things up. Click like below if you are on board! No more hassles over the homework! Done – finished, […]

Being the Best Mom

Being the best mom has taken on new meaning for me. I used to equate Best Mom with Super Mom. But as I have been learning the last years of parenting, it is more than doing for the kids everything I can (and usually way more!). There are priorities in life. And mothering is no […]

Summer Camp and Homesickness

It is that time of year again – summer camp. And nothing is more common than summer camp and homesickness. Kids are heading out and parents are holding them back! Sure kids miss home when they leave, and other than a quick moment right at bedtime, they are having a blast. Home is relegated to […]

Family Centered Parenting

With all the focus and rage (both positive and negative) that the Time article on Attachment Parenting caused, a lot of questions have been surfacing on what is the right type of parenting. In fact, there have been several questions raised on how to do parenting also. There certainly is a balance between child and parent […]

Having An “Only Child”

I never intended on becoming a parent. It’s a long story for another time, but having children was not in my plans.  Then at 40 years old I became pregnant, not planned, and my world came crashing down.  My husband and I weren’t married at the time.  All that ran through my head was “how […]

Six Ways To Invest In A Child

What does it mean to invest in a child? What type of “investments” are most important? What is the best way to go about investing in them? Here are five ideas anyone can follow: First of all, we all have something to invest, whether it be time, energy, money, or a combination thereof. Sadly, these […]

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