January 23, 2018

What Is Going on Inside A Reactive Attachment Disorder Child’s Mind – An Insider’s Look

My son came home from school heartbroken today – his girlfriend broke up with him (via a friend based on what something another boy said supposedly!). He was crying buckets which was hard enough. But what was even harder was he wouldn’t talk to us. No that is an understatement, he yelled at us that […]

Child Behavior Problems

Being a parent of five children, I’m constantly struggling with child behavior problems, and how to deal with them. It just goes with the territory. But last week, it came to a head, and I came to a few realizations that I don’t think I had before. Here’s what happened: My oldest son has a […]

Out of Control Kids: Is this Normal?

One of the questions every parent asks when their children become teens (and start acting like teens) is “is this normal teen behavior or are they out of control kids?” So the best place to start to answer this question would be to determine a basic list of “normal” behaviors. “Normal” Acting moody and secretive […]

Out Of Control Child – 5 Steps To Saying No And Sticking To It

It’s difficult to say “no” to your kids and with out of control kids it is actually harder. It’s also challenging to follow through. It’s kind of a knee jerk reaction. So then you usually are backed into a corner. You have to stick with your “no” and that’s when the trouble takes place. Let […]

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