February 24, 2018

Searching for My Birth Mom

Hi all – Lately I have been seeing lots of these posts on Facebook where someone searching for birth parents is holding a sign similar to ones you see on the street corners asking for $. And I am somewhat struggling with this. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not at all against adopted […]

Parents: Stressed Out?

Hi all – How are you? I am checking in to tell you about a great webinar just for us parents. Next Wednesday April 24 at 10am you can join Marcy Axness. You will feel heard, uplifted, supported and understood. Please click on the link below to register right now! 5 Tools for Transforming Stressed-Out […]

Happy New Year!

Hi all – It is 2013! And a Happy New Year to you, amazing parents! Wow – I remember as a teenie bopper never thinking we would see 2000, let alone 2013! Now here it is and off we go full steam ahead – We had a mostly sweet holiday season. Some transition time for […]

Open Adoption or Closed Adoption

Hi All – When my man and I were first discussing adopting, we had one huge decision to make. Drumroll please…do we have an open adoption or closed adoption? In our series Adoption: Let’s Be Honest, this is one topic that cannot go unnoticed. Because it involves interacting with birth families. And this is messy […]

Thanksgiving – or Is It?

Hi All! Today I was musing over this upcoming holiday (and wondering how I am going to get everything cooked in my one oven!). It seems to be an interesting holiday. You see, are we really thankful for what we have or only the good things we have? Let me tell you where I am […]

The Holiday Blues

Hi All – As you know I have been writing a series called Adoption: Let’s Be Honest. In this series, I want to basically “out” all the things that we adoptive parents have not been saying. And now we are saying loudly and collectively because we know that silence has not worked to this point. […]

Adoption: Let’s Be Honest

Hi All – I made this video last week just for you. Mama Juju has been going through some hard soul searching about adopting and have finally got an idea why, somewhat! Please grab a cup of coffee as I share this with you.   Chat Soon ~ About the author: By Julie HellstromJulie is […]

What to Read to My Young Uns!

Hi All – I had a sweet baby nephew born a couple of months ago! His birth has started me thinking about when my kiddos were just sprouts and its actually kind of exciting! Well for lots of reasons, really! And it has started with reading! I loved, loved, loved reading to my kids and […]

This is My Brain on Drugs

Hi All – Remember that old commercial that showed an uncooked egg and said “this is my brain”. Then they cracked the egg into a frying pan and said “this is my brain on drugs”? Well that is a phrase that goes through my head almost daily. You see, my youngest (#5) was born drug […]

Stop Arguing With Me!

Hi All – Teenagers love to argue don’t they? They like to say they are discussing, but we know what’s going on. Why? Because we were teenagers once. Oh but don’t tell them that because they think that this time and space is unique only to them and we are clueless of what they are […]

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