February 20, 2018

Parent Resources Guidance

You know the age old lament – “kids don’t come with instruction manuals!” (I have even caught myself saying it!)? Well I decided to give you some parent resources guidance. It is a bit like a manual in that I put several resources in this one article to have at your fingertips. This website also […]

Daily Schedules for Teenagers

Teaching teenagers to keep their own daily schedules is imperative. It is what they need to be able to do in order to be successful in life. If the parents are their calendar, they will never learn how to manage their lives as adults. Schools have realized that this important. Starting now in elementary school, […]

Summer Camp and Homesickness

It is that time of year again – summer camp. And nothing is more common than summer camp and homesickness. Kids are heading out and parents are holding them back! Sure kids miss home when they leave, and other than a quick moment right at bedtime, they are having a blast. Home is relegated to […]

Effective Parenting Styles

With parents, because of my kiddos who have reactive attachment disorder, I try to stay away from the blame game. Such as this child is misbehaving  because there are no effective parenting styles in that house. I find that this is neither productive nor kind. This being said – it is important as parents to be […]

Listening to Your Teenager

My teenagers have occasionally been known to say “you aren’t listening”. In an attempt to prove them wrong, I mean to be supportive, I searched on the terms listening to your teenager. Desperately looking for what listening skills this highly communicative, professional woman was missing. I was shocked to see most search results were focused […]

Children Discipline Means Love

Too often people are afraid to use the words children discipline because it brings up visions of harsh punishment. The word discipline means to disciple, teach , and guide. The word punishment means to hurt. In keeping these definitions straight in our parent minds, we can discern when we are handling children behavior issues, the […]

Problem Children – Parents are the Solution Not the Problem

Parents of problem children are often perceived as being the problem—or that they’ve created their “problem children”. This is not normally the case. These parents need training, not blame. Are family members, maybe your kid’s teachers, and even counselors blaming you for your problem child’s acting out behavior? This leaves parents feeling trapped, isolated, and […]

How Much Is The Total Transformation?

How much does Total Transformation cost? Total Transformation is fairly inexpensive when you  compare the price to individual or family counseling (not to say that counseling isn’t an excellent route to go – we’ve been to counseling on and off over the years, and we sincerely believe that without it, we wouldn’t be where we are […]

Positive Parenting Skills Tools

Positive parenting skills – not something you’re just born with! They need to be learned and developed over time. Unfortunately, as far as kids are concerned, the landscape is constantly changing. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, they morph into some other hideous creature that you don’t recognize and you’ve got to […]

Behavior Plans for Teens – 4 Specific Techniques

“Where are the behavior plans for these children?” Does this sound like you? Well look no further, there are behavior plans that will help you parent effectively. And they are simple to use. James Lehman’s Total Transformation has several key concepts that teach your child responsibility and accountability. You will learn these concepts and also […]

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