February 20, 2018

Therapy for Adopted Children

Next up in the Adoption: Let’s Be Honest series is therapy for adopted children. This is a very real and not much talked about part of an adoptive family’s life. And vital in factoring in on the decision to adopt or not. There is a long list of therapies that could/should/need to be helpful for […]

Teen Behavior – Setting Limits

Parents need to set limits with their kids of all ages. When they’re young, that’s not so tough. It’s easy to keep a toddler from touching the stove, or running out in the street. As they get older, especially into their teen years, it becomes harder and harder. Not only do the limits need to […]

Behavior Plans for Teens – 4 Specific Techniques

“Where are the behavior plans for these children?” Does this sound like you? Well look no further, there are behavior plans that will help you parent effectively. And they are simple to use. James Lehman’s Total Transformation has several key concepts that teach your child responsibility and accountability. You will learn these concepts and also […]

Parenting Tips From a Parent: Inside Out Parenting

I wanted to spend some time talking about the things I need as a parent to work on. You don’t find this information discussed in a lot of parenting skills arenas. And this tendency to not look within and be open about it, makes me feel like the areas where I am inadequate are horrible. And […]

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