January 22, 2018

Summer Camp and Homesickness

Summer Camp and HomesicknessIt is that time of year again – summer camp. And nothing is more common than summer camp and homesickness. Kids are heading out and parents are holding them back! Sure kids miss home when they leave, and other than a quick moment right at bedtime, they are having a blast. Home is relegated to the proper place in the back of their mind. It seems we parents cause homesickness more than we help it! This video gives a few helpful hints on summer camp and homesickness for both me, the parent, and my kiddo. And if for you too, be sure to hit Like below! http://youtu.be/GN0llVBKxAw Rest assured, this parent malady is worldwide. Here is another parent’s perspective.

Summer Camp and Homesickness

Turns out her resistance was normal and I was making it worse for all of the above reasons and for one more: My own angst. Campers at a summer adventure camp (Alden Pellett – AP) Homesickness strikes many kids who attend summer camps, especially sleep-away camps where the vast majority of kids experience it on some level, according to author and child psychologist Christopher Thurber. It’s compounded, however, when a parent is anxious about the separation too, Thurber has found. Read article.

It makes sense that there will be some anxiety. Our kids are out of our control with adults (hopefully) in a land that is unfamiliar. Which means hazards; water, hiking, bugs, snakes to name a few. Will Bobby remember “leaves of 3, let them be?” that we have recited all these years during camping? What about sleeping arrangements, food (is there enough, what he likes?) and the biggie – will he be included? Oh these questions give me heartburn. But what if my worrying gives Bobby heartburn? The American Camp Association and psychologists weigh in with their years of expertise that are sure to put those last few homesickness willys at bay!


With all this great information under our belts regarding summer camp and homesickness, and feel free to comment below if you have a few gems not revealed in this blog, I am off to pack his backpack and sleeping bag.

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Julie is an awesome parent (along with her husband Matt) to five adopted kiddos and the owner of the Parenting Allies website.

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  1. Summer camp is fun to some kids but to others it is not. Most of us parents worried to much when this time come. We want everything to be alright and make everything happen according to our plan. Being homesick is normal, but staying in other place for a short time makes our kids more independent and responsible.
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