January 22, 2018

School’s Out for Summer!

School's Out for Summer!Hi All –

The day is drawing near, at least here! Friday is the last day of school for our school district until September 4th. The last month has been crazy with year end activities. Field trips, band concerts, award banquets, final projects, finals, yada yada!

In between all this craziness, I have been thinking about what am I to do with 3 teens (well one is tweener) for a WHOLE summer! And I must admit it feels a bit like the endless summer, it does! My mom asked me if I was excited for school to be out and I had to admit “not really”.  She said “what happened? You used to count the days ’til the chicks were back in the nest!”.

Well there you go – what did happen? I am pretty sure I don’t love them less or love being around them less. They are definitely NOT as high maintenance as they were in their earlier years…then it hit me! BAM – we don’t summer as a family unit!

Oh we have our traditions, 4th of July at a quaint little town south of us that does an old fashioned Fourth. Comes complete with free swimming at the city pool, pie eating contests, ice cream social, softball games, square dancing/fiddling exhibition, and fireworks right above our heads!

Don’t forget about the annual family vacation, either at a cabin up north on a sweet lake or oceanside in Cannon Beach, Oregon. And end it all with a picnic at the river for Labor Day. These all are givens.

What’s changed is the day in/day out summer activities. Hanging out in the backyard shade on a blanket reading books, eating popsicles. Going to the pool for the whole day with sandwiches and melting cookies, ahhh nothing like a kid falling asleep in their swimsuit.  Running through the sprinkler, playing Clue, doing puzzle books, staying out late playing kick the can. We even had a 14′ pool that saw daily use, several times daily really! That’s changed.

Teens – reading books (if done) in their bedroom. Going to the pool, no Mom can’t show off for the cute girls if you are there! Sprinklers are for babies and I have video games to play with friends/brothers. Giving the pool away this year since it maybe got 2 days use last summer – sad. It certainly has changed.

Love having them home? Sure. I guess childhood just snuck away too soon!

Chat soon ~

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Julie is an awesome parent (along with her husband Matt) to five adopted kiddos and the owner of the Parenting Allies website.

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