February 20, 2018

Raising Sons to be Men

Raising Sons to be MenRaising sons to be men is hard enough in a two-parent family. But for a single mom, this can seem insurmountable. However, this is not necessarily the case anymore. That is good news for women who are struggling to be both mom and dad.

There are certain traits that boys must learn (and some they must unlearn) in order to be good men. Then there are traits that evolve into becoming a great dad. Below is an excellent article recently posted that acknowledges the wonderful, hard work single moms do. It also gives great helps in working with their young men to raise sons up to be men.

Raising Sons to be Men

With more than ten million single moms in the United States, evidence is mounting that their children may not have any more problems than those raised in a two-parent family. This is great news for single parents worried about their inability to “be everything” for their kids. But no amount of statistics will help a single mom know how to best raise her son so he will grow into a kind, gentle and involved father. This is one of the greatest concerns reported by single parents, made more urgent by the tragedies of children raised without a father or with one who is present but unkind, inconsistent or worse. 4 Tips To Silence The Mom In Your Head [EXPERT]

If you are a single mom to a son, you know the struggle to help mold your boy into an adult who will be a great dad. There are a few things you might be doing that could be making your job much harder. Fixing them can make all the difference as your son moves ever closer to the day some little person will call him “daddy.” Full article.

One of the biggest obstacles is time for single moms raising sons to be men. Where can they find the additional information they need, how can they be sure they are covering all their bases, etc? I found this amazing app (I know there is an app for almost everything isn’t there!) that can be used for just such purposes. And it has a timeline/scrapbook feature to document the growing of this marvelousness!

Please be sure to hit LIKE if you think this is a good idea for any parent who is raising sons to be men.

Regardless of whether men grow up in a single parent household or not, moms typically lead child rearing efforts. Much of that time is spent sheltering your boy, protecting his knees and elbows from boo-boos, answering to his call and making him happy. And rightly so. He’s your baby and deserves your love. The problem is that often, the way in which we raise our boys doesn’t always match up with what we and the rest of society expect of them as men.

The term “mama’s boy” probably comes to mind. Clearly a man should have a cherished place in his heart for his mama but that shouldn’t interfere with his ability to have an adult relationship with another woman or be a productive member of society and his community. Even as you spend your last dime to give that perfect little angel love and attention as only a mother can, it’s important to keep your eyes on the end goal: raising a good man. Read more.

Raising boys is  not easy for anyone. There are some great resources that are must haves. We have used the Total Transformation program that gives great parenting tips on navigating those years these young men are trying out their independent skills. And as you can see below the obstacles are both us (as parents) and those distractions and disruptions out in the world. (The views in these tweets are not necessarily representative of the authors viewpoint. Just provided for your information.)


As we can see, raising sons to be men has many, many facets. So let’s be sure to be supportive and encouraging to those parents who are doing this amazing job!

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Julie is an awesome parent (along with her husband Matt) to five adopted kiddos and the owner of the Parenting Allies website.

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  1. So important to remember we aren’t raising children. We already have children. We are raising adults.
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