January 22, 2018

Memory of Loved Ones

Memory of Loved OnesSometimes we need to just sit and reflect on our memory of loved ones who have passed on before us.  Whether we choose to visit their gravesite, talk about them with other family members or friends, or simply be alone with our memories, it is part of keeping ourselves connected to them.  When I think of some of the people in my family who have passed away before me, I am still speechless, because they were too young and didn’t have a chance to live into their older years.

Most recently one of my uncles and his wife, my aunt, were killed in a car accident in Texas.  They were on their way to spend Christmas with their kids and grandkids.  My sister lost her husband years ago when their children were only 5 and 9 years old.  He committed suicide. He hadn’t wanted to go to a doctor for his depression.  And years ago, my favorite uncle, who was like a brother to me and my brothers and sister, passed away from AIDS.  And a 13 year-old boy who I had nannied, was hit by a car while riding his bicycle on his bicycle team.  His parents had to make a decision to eventually remove his life support.

Every person handles their memory of loved ones differently. Here is a story of how one lady honored her family.

“Experiencing the recent loss of my aunt has filled me with an even larger commitment to raise necessary funds for cancer research,” says Ms. Mackiewicz. “I walk in memory of my father and Aunt Bunny, and in honor of those who are still fighting cancer. Taking on this challenge at 65 years old is no small task.” See rest of the story.

Why mention this?  Because it is a reminder that each day is precious and short.  One day we are holding our newborns, and the next their having their own children!  We don’t like dealing with death, but it is as imminent as birth. And when it happens is usually out of our control.

How do we talk about this with our kids?  Has your family ever lost a pet?  How did your child cope with the mourning process? Please help other by sharing in the comments below.

Some of us have children in the armed forces, which brings both honor and worry.  Others of us have children who may be sick or disabled.  Each one of us has our own story of death in our circle of friends and family. Here is a way to share their stories with everyone near and far.

Let’s take time this day to share the memory of loved ones by counting  the blessings of knowing and being a part of the lives of these precious individuals.

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Kris is wife to Robert and mom to Gabriel, a wonderful little boy. She enjoys animals, especially horses, and likes to write about children, pets, and other things close to her heart!

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