February 24, 2018

Medical Experiences With Kiddos

Kids and MedicalWhen is the last time you’ve had to take your little one to the emergency room?  What were your experiences there?  What about doctor’s visits?

For some of us, it’s been a mixed bag.  When our son had an earache we took him to the emergency room.  They got him right in and took care of him.  It was a good experience.  We were very fortunate, and our son felt good about the whole situation…..so no doctor-phobia, pheeewww!

But doctor’s visits for shots have been another story.  On our last visit to the pediatrician for shots, a nurse and her assistant held our son down and delivered six shots in succession, one right after another.  It was a scary experience for him.  I wondered, why so many shots at once?  The day after, he had dangerously high fevers, 105 degrees!  My husband and I were in a panic.  We called the doctor’s office and they said to give him Tylenol and put a cool cloth on his head, so we did.  The fever would cool down, and then shoot right back up again.  We had just gotten new health insurance, and there was a hotline that we could call.  We called the number and got a menu.  When we finally got someone on the line to talk to, they wanted our membership number, and I didn’t have it handy.  So I had to hang up and call back after searching through our health insurance papers.  After calling back, the nurse instructed us to do the same thing that our doctor’s office nurse did.  Fed up with not getting any real help, my husband and I put Gabriel in a tepid water bath and continued the Tylenol at the proper intervals along with the cool cloths.  It was a nightmare.

After the whole ordeal was over, I called our pediatrician’s office and asked for a nurse to call us back.  When she did, I asked her why they give so many shots at once.  Basically she said that is the way its done.  When I told her about our experience with Gabriel’s high fevers, she said that that was just an unusual case, and that kids usually don’t have fevers that high after receiving multiple vaccinations.  End of discussion.

Our other experiences haven’t been so bad, except the one involving Gabriel’s speech therapy auditory processing delay diagnosis.  Have your little ones had high fevers from immunizations?  What have your experiences been in the children’s emergency department?

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Kris is wife to Robert and mom to Gabriel, a wonderful little boy. She enjoys animals, especially horses, and likes to write about children, pets, and other things close to her heart!

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  1. It is always a bad feeling every time we need to bring our kids to the hospital especially to the emergency room. just last week we brought our son to the e.r. due to high fever. We are so proud to him even though his fever is very high he was so relax when the med tech got blood sample from him.
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