January 22, 2018

May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor!

KatnissAgainstTheWorldHi all – My  life can have the funniest twists to it. Thankfully I am blessed with a sense of humor. Sometimes it appears at, well, at inopportune times.

And this happened the other day…my #5 was coming up with some elaborate plan to do the most simplest part of his math schoolwork. The gyrations and maneuvers in his scheme were enough to make even Katniss of Hunger Games envious. And all I could think about was “May the odds ever be in your favor!” 

If that wasn’t enough to make the parent gurus cringe, I could NOT quit thinking about that phrase every time a kiddo came up with some lame excuse of why he didn’t turn in his homework, or how he was going to wait until zero hour to complete his project. Or a swap of chores with a sibling. All I could say was “May the odds ever be in your favor”.

Didn’t really change the outcome of the situations, but ohh baby was I in a good mood all day!

Chat soon!!


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Julie is an awesome parent (along with her husband Matt) to five adopted kiddos and the owner of the Parenting Allies website.

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