January 23, 2018

Give Me a Break!

Respite is another area (along with support) that I have found gives me the ability to continue on this amazing journey. With kiddos who have special needs, a break for them and from them is important for all.

Finding respite is another story. With our RAD kids, there is special training that must be in place before a person can take them on. There are 2 kinds of respite. One is just being a few hours away and the other is therapeutic respite.

With the few hours away, most all the person needs is to be on board with your choices and decisions with this child and to not make the time away a holiday. This would mean no special activities, treats, or outings. Educating them on your child’s issues most also be done beforehand. Just a simple break for all to have some peace.

For therapeutic respite, there must be formal training. Fortunately, this can come in the form of online or DVD training if local training is not available. This is instrumental as anything other than a trained respite caregiver can make your work a lot harder when they return. This is the opposite of respite!!!

Either of these options can work when crazy becomes king in your home. And it is much better if you pick the respite type instead of letting the authorities choose!

Looking for a great resource for parenting Reactive Attachment Disorder kids? Nancy Thomas gives all the answers in her book When Love Is Not Enough. If you’ve got a child that you suspect has RAD, you must get this book!

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Julie is an awesome parent (along with her husband Matt) to five adopted kiddos and the owner of the Parenting Allies website.

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