January 23, 2018

Does The Total Transformation Really Work?

One of the questions that quite often gets asked when people come to this website is does Total Transformation really work? They want to know many different individual’s opinions on the program when they don’t have anything to gain or lose from reviewing it.

(Click here to see a sample of the type of training you’ll find on the CD’s and DVD’s in the Total Transformation Program. You actually can click on each CD or DVD to preview that  lesson. Especially take a look at the Jump Start DVD. See if you think this is the kind of information that might help you parent your children.)

I love the Total Transformation program, and use the tools I’ve learned from it every day with my five kids. I’ve tried to be as honest and straightforward with my Total Transformation review as possible, but I also thought it might be useful to give some unbiased opinions from others when asked if the Total Transformation really works?

So I searched the internet and found as many unbiased opinions as I could as to whether Total Transformation really works or not.  So here you go!

Crystal G says:

We just bought it ourselves, got it yesterday. I watched the first disk (Jump Start) and although it kind of played like a long commercial for something I had already bought, there was some good information in there. It gave me hope that this just may help. I think the thing that jumped out at me the most was when he said “You don’t have to attend every argument you are invited to”.

Hey if this program can show me another way of dealing with things and how to deal with things in order to get a different reaction from my child than I am getting now it will have been worth 20 times what it cost… All I know is that it can’t hurt to try a different way since what I am doing now certainly isn’t working.

So, bottom line is I haven’t had it long enough to tell you if it is going to work, but just watching the first DVD gave me hope, which I didn’t have much of before that.

Diane says:

I have used this program. This program is good stay consistent with it. The first day I started putting things in motion my kids hated it. Use words like you had a choice and you choose to do this. And now because you chose this you also chose this punishment. It gives a lot of practice steps etc. I think the older your child is and how far they are gone really needs professional help, but if your children are not severe than this program can work for you.

I want to say that as a parent, you have to be very dedicated to this program and be very consistent. What I did was watched a new video every week and then practiced each level for a couple of weeks before moving on. I would say give it a try.

The program will work if you are dedicated as long as there aren’t other issues as well, my oldest son was too far gone to have it work for me and he is in a juvenile detention center, but my other children it has worked very nice.

Denise Says:

I have the Total Transformation System (bought for me by my well-meaning parents) and while I think it is probably a good system, I have to admit that it was hard for me to get through the audio CDs….they actually put me to sleep! I hope to get through the entire program some day…..

Good luck!

Seasidesu says:

I started using The Total Transformation …. a couple of months ago. What I really like about this program (and there are so many things!) is that it gave me some practical things to do immediately to help stop my son’s obnoxious behavior. Like July said, there’s a series of CDs. It’s helped me understand how my child thinks, how (and WHY) he has these outbursts and some different roles that he and I have both fallen into. It’s definitely helped me implement a more effective parenting style, and his siblings are happy, too!

So there you have few reviews. If you’re willing to work, the program works! Click here to learn more and see if the Total Transformation will really work for you too!

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Matt is the parent (along with his wife Julie) to five wonderful kids. He has been self-employed for 25+ years and is the owner of the Parenting Allies website.

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  1. I just got my Total Transformation and I have watched the Jump Start DVD. It does seem repetative, but I did get a lot out of it. I am a good parent and my child has consequences for their behavior! I can separeate myself from their behavior and really have a good nights sleep!

  2. kathy deecken says:

    This is not a comment on the program -I have not tried it-yet. All I know is that I am desperate. I have an 18yr.old son that i need help with, I also have 2 younger kids,7 & 14 and I know its affecting them. At times I am petrified of him and other times he breaks my heart.Can this program help or is he too old. Anyone please answer I am at the end of my rope!!! thanks kathy

    • heidi lawlor says:

      @kathy deecken: hi 18 is the age you get to let go kick him out but secretly make sure you help him get a job and place. its what my mom did for me now im 28 and happily married. if he is really not helping himself just give him a ultimatum 30 days or out he will change with the quickness

    • @kathy deecken: kathy, did it help with your 18 yr old? has this program helped with anyone’s children?

      • It’s helped with ours, but they were younger when we first started using it. I still think it can help, though, because it teaches parents techniques to help their kids learn to solve problems on their own. Poor problem solving skills is one of the main reason that kids act out.

  3. I think you can always help. This program teaches kids to solve their problems in a healthy way – who couldn’t use help like that, at any time. Sounds like he’s really struggling, I’m sure you’d find some help with the Total Transformation, as long as you are consistent with the advice Mr. Lehman gives you.

  4. How much does it cost?

  5. It costs about $300, but they have a program that if you do a survey after you complete each chapter, they’ll refund your money.

  6. texas mom says:

    i sooo need this program for my son…just sad because i really dont have the extra money at this time…sure is expensive when there are so many children out there that need this kind of help.

  7. I work as a Childrens Advocate & Shelter Director @ a domestic & family violence shelter & many of the mothers & children that come through could benefit from this program I believe….however the cost is a bit out of reach for all the moms we help. Texas mom I agree with you & it also makes me sad that this program can’t benefit less fortunate families because of the cost.

    • Mendy, they do have a program where you pay the first installment for the program then if you answer the survey questions in a timely manner you will get your money refunded to you. It’s a good opportunity for less fortunate families to get the help they need and not have to pay.

      • Admin: I do agree that getting your money refunded is a wonderful thing if you answer the survey questions in a timely manner. The issue is that not many people have the money to lay out first. I would love to be able to benifit from this program but I do not have the money to put down in advance as I am sure many others do not either.

        • I find that for many people (including us) that there comes a point that finding the money is a priority. Usually after everything we tried doesn’t work and we know we need other solutions/skills in order to work successfully with this kiddo. I believe it is a good arrangement for parents to be able to afford it. They also have a payment plan to help make it manageable.
          Julie recently posted..Happy New Year!My Profile

          • I REALLY like the idea of getting the training myself. Everyone tells me that I have the gift of mercy, which is great, but it needs to be balanced with STRENGTH. We were paying $150/hour for specialized counseling and it really didn’t help that much, so this program seems very reasonably priced. If parents are trained, then the “therapy” can extend throughout the week and not just at a one hour session every 2 weeks or so. I’m not even thinking about the refund, unless I absolutely hate it. I would like to financially help this company out to help keep them in business if I get ANY training what so ever that helps! I’m glad that there are creative people out there who want to help people. What are some other options to try if this one doesn’t work? Parents need hope that something WILL work!

        • tina french says:

          you can also get it for a lot less money on e-bay

          • Also, you can get it for FREE by purchasing it and completing a survey as you are doing the program. Then you return the survey within 180 days of purchase and only out of pocket is the original $19 shipping fee. And you know for sure you are getting the whole package, which sadly as we all have learned is not always the case when buying on eBay!
            Julie recently posted..Teen StressMy Profile

          • Please note that the Free offer expired as of 2/28/15.
            Matt recently posted..My Children Keep Making MistakesMy Profile

  8. I always kept my kids in line with timeouts and I spanked when they were way out of line.

  9. I too spanked my children. RARELY! I say rarely because spankings were reserved for the most serious charactor issues, such as lieing. My children were not perfect anymore than was their mother, but all-in-all, they are decent people. They all have work ethics, they all show and respect, they all try each day to grow a little. Always striving to be a better person. My children are all grown now, but I see issues with some of our nieces and nephews and a couple of grands. As family, my hope is that each one will benifit from this program, I may even learn a new thing or two myself. I ordered the program a week ago and am expecting it any day now. I will update here as to how the program is or is not having the hoped for expectations. Ciao’

  10. Hello I have a 13 yrs old child with Autism is your program helpfull for children like my child

    • Yes I believe it would help. Of course it depends on the child but it is designed for kids like that. By the way it’s not our program, we just have had success with it so we promote it.

  11. I am a divorced mother of 2 girls, one 22 and on her own and one 15. I am experiencing behavior issues and disrespect with my 15 year old but am having a difficult time disciplining her because losing privileges doesn’t seem to bother her. Her father encourages much of the disrespect and reminds her that she has the choice of where to live. Due to his lack of moral compass I am not comfortable with her living with him. I tend to tiptoe around some issues because I fear if she moves in with him we will have even bigger issues with her and her future will be negatively affected. I don’t know if the Total Transformation is right for us or if we need professional help?? I need a miracle!!

    • @stacy: Facing the same thing but with a disrespectful bio mom. Kids can’t -choose- where they live (if you are divorced), that’s set up by the divorce decree. I hope yours doesn’t get legal/costly/ugly, but where to live is not up to the minor child.

      Your girl’s father sounds like he may be disrespecting his daughter and her best interests, given those include maintaining a healthy relationship with her mom by allowing (and promoting) your separate household.

  12. 15 year old girls are tough anyway, aren’t they? Then when you throw in an uncooperative ex-husband it makes it even harder. Total Transformation is a good program and it helps you to be a better parent, but without both parents working on it, it may be an uphill battle. I know what you mean about losing privileges not helping – we’ve got some kids like that and it’s very frustrating!

  13. Mr. Slate says:

    I am a father of a 13 year old daughter that treats me like I am a friend of hers that can’t tell her what to do. She will do things without asking, borrow things without asking and when I get “What are you doing?” about it she says she doesn’t have to ask anyone. Such as using my PC instead of hers, or taking my expensive video camera instead of using the one we let her use. If she does ask me for somthing and I say no, she goes to my wife and asks her, like my say doesn’t count. She rarely listens to me and I feel like I am just someone she uses to get something she wants, and I am useless to her if I don’t. This is getting old. I love her, but she makes it really hard to do so, I’m telling you. She questions her teachers at school the same way, but treats other parents with huge respect when she goes to a friend’s house. “Your daughter is sooo respectful” I always say good to hear, but I don’t know who you are talking about, because I don’t know that kid.

    Everyone says I am a good dad to my kids, but they don’t see this stuff. If total transformation works, I’ll pay 3X the price. But I didn’t expect being a father was going to be anything like this…

  14. Robin Pike says:

    Reading all of these posts is so refreshing… I always felt my daughter was the only one who acted like this and that I have done something wrong in raising her to be the way she is today.

    My 16 year old daughter is a professional manipulator! Her behavior is hot and cold and I never know what exactly is going to set her off. She has been dating a guy (20 years old but acts as if he is 14) that depends 100% on his mother. She has been basically living with him when she doesn’t need anything from us (usually food and change of clothing). She smokes cigarettes (which her boyfriends mother buys) and is a very disrespectful human being. She has dropped out of school and does not work. I am at the end of my rope and feel like I have zero control.

    This program talks about implementing consequences when the rules are not followed but my question is, what kind of consequences can I implement if I can’t even keep her at home? I will gladly buy this program if it really does work for someone like her.

  15. Andy smith says:

    We have a 10 year old son who I feel that needs An exorsism instead a beh. Program.it started with an 8 hr temper trantrum when he was about 2 or 3.he acts wonderful at school, with other families(which god knows we are thankful for that)but when it comes to me my husband and my 14 yr old dtr. He is mostly a little monster. We have never been able to tell him “no” without him flipping chairs, punching holes in the walls, locking himself in the bathroom for hrs to prevent getting a whipping. He takes our things. We don’t have anything that is personal or private, I will find our stuff took apart in his room. The only time he is normal acting is when he is sick. I’ve tried to talk to his dr. But he blows us off saying he needs his butt busted! I’ve took him to counslers but it would of involved school and I don’t want him classified as a troubled kid there because he does so well there. He talks so bad to us especially to hid dad “I hate your guts, I’d like to shoot u in the head when I get 18, I know you all hate me, and so on and so fourth.” we are tired, sick, and disguisted. We seldom have my dtrs friends over because he won’t leave them alone. We don’t have his friends over because he will do and say anything he wants to us without regard, and he is as wild as a buck, but remember he is not that way anywhere but with us it must be us. We are not bad people. We are educated and professional people. My husband recently retired due to a final bout of crohns dz. This behavior with our son is thelast thing my husband needs. I’m gonna try this program because I am truly desparate!

    • Jessica S. says:

      Wow, my heart goes out you, i read many post and your son sounds the most severe. My stepdaughter is very similar. I was wondering if the program has helped

    • Mutton Chop says:

      Andy, your child may have a mental illness. And it’s ok if he does. It happens to plenty of people. But get him to a child psychiatrist before he actually DOES attempt to shoot one of you. The kid needs treatment.

  16. Adrienne smith says:

    @Andy smith:
    I thought I was alone. I have a 6 yr old son that has oppositional defiant disorder. Reading these posts made me not feel so crazy, because for along time I thought I was a bad mom and that it was something I did. I am a stay at home mom , my husband and I feel like we have done everything as parents we could do in raising him to be an obedient child. But we just don’t know where we have gone wrong. He mostly targets me because I am with him most of the time, my husband works out of town a lot . So I get the brunt of the tantrums. It just breaks my heart to hear him say such ugly things to me. I hope that the total transformation can help because I am at the end of my rope.

  17. Teaching is a huge challenge because of behavior issues, does this program work on students??

    • Yes it most certainly does! Helps you to talk calmly and get your point across. Great points on how to stop the power struggle too! Plus right now you can get it for free by completing a survey after you have received and reviewed the program.

  18. I am lost. My daughter is 24 now, married one year. She is a really good person but has suffered bouts of anger to the point of breaking and hitting. More recently she and her husband moved in with me for (we agreed one year) to save money for a home. I said something to her about repaying money they borrowed and she blew up, hit me then ten minutes later regretted this action. I made them move out which they now live in a motel. My heart is broken, she does not speak with me, I speak with her wonderful husband but he does not want her to know. I know she needs help, I love her please advise me, I am at my end.

    Loving mother.

    • Dealing with adults who are abusive is tough. You definitely did the right thing by asking her to leave. One thing I have learned in raising my kids is “there is no excuse for abuse”. Not sure if her husband sneaking behind her back and talking to you will be good for their marriage. She has made her choices, all you can do is be open to working things through with her if she decides she wants to do this without hitting. Sorry for your heartbrokenness 🙁
      Julie recently posted..You Are So Smart – What Not to Say to Your Kids!My Profile

  19. Can this system help grown ups? My kids left home knowing right from wrong and I see as grownups that they maybe might have forgotten that. I have a grown up daughter with serious anger problems and a grown up son that doesn’t seem to take anything seriously. They didn’t learn that at home. I’ve been shocked that they have these behaviors as grown ups. I was consitant and maybe harder than most parents, but they knew where I stood and where I stand as a grandmother. But I dislike the out bursts my daughter has on her children (I have a sister who does the same) and I dislike the lack of responsibility the son has at times. Can this system help grown kids?

    • Louisa – This program’s focus is for teens, so it might not be the best fit. You can go their website and see if they have anything for grown kids. Counseling might be an option. But only if they are interested in getting help. If not, can you spend time with your grandkids and model better parenting behavior? If not, just love up on them. Every kiddo loves that! It’s sure a helpless feeling when they are adults, isn’t it? Take care of yourself. Julie
      Julie recently posted..Parents: Stressed Out?My Profile

  20. I am on DIsc 4 of the program. We started it in November 2013. It is slow going because I am extremely busy with work and my husband has crazy hours. I do agree with some that the jumpstart DVD and some of the CDs do sound like infomercials, however, after listening to them and reading through the workbook, I find that they are actually a great back-up source. I listen to them in the car mainly or at work during lunch (outside of the kids’ ears). Some of the exercises and tools were hard for me to embrace because I grew up in a house of yellers. I have to say that now working at the Disc 4 stage, I see a dramatic change in both of my kids, not just the one for whom I originally bought the program. My daughter has not been diagnosed with any type of ODD, ADD or ADHD or anything like that. She’s a very angry 9 year old. She doesn’t like sharing her parents or anyone else with her 5 year old brother. She flies off the handle for no apparent reason. Jim’s tools work wonders. Now I can “Stop the Show” and not engage and I don’t feel bad about it and better yet, I’m not yelling at her. Today is January 31, 2014. Last night both kids were so polite to each other and using their manners, I actually thought, wow – what happened to them? Jim’s program gives you excellent tools to use. Some may work for you and others may not; you need to find the ones that do. He actually gives you specific words and phrases to use so you can immediately start. It’s suprised me though, that just walking away without engaged turned out to be a huge success. Who knew?

    I want to be sure you know that this is not a quick fix and these are tools that you will need to implement probably for a lifetime (it even works on husbands!) After some of the discs it took me a couple of weeks to work through them. It’s work – not a band-aid. Don’t get discouraged. The first 3 discs are really preparing you for the real work ahead. Take them to heart! I am more than happy to leave a comment after we have used the entire program for at least a year and let everyone know how we are doing.

    Good Luck!

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