January 23, 2018

Total Transformation Workbook

Since we are going through the Total Transformation DVD’s and CD’s, we thought it would be good to explain what the Total Transformation workbook is all about, since it’s a major part of the program. The Total Transformation workbook is 118 pages, and it starts out explaining a little about the program, and a little about […]

What Do You Learn From Total Transformation?

What exactly do you learn from Total Transformation? In other words, how does the program work? If you think that you’ll change your kid’s behaviors without changing your own behavior, then whatever you do, don’t buy Total Transformation. As we go through the DVD’s and CD’s, it becomes abundantly clear that James Lehman is out […]

How Much Is The Total Transformation?

How much does Total Transformation cost? Total Transformation is fairly inexpensive when you  compare the price to individual or family counseling (not to say that counseling isn’t an excellent route to go – we’ve been to counseling on and off over the years, and we sincerely believe that without it, we wouldn’t be where we are […]

What Is The Total Transformation?

What Is The Total Transformation? The Total Transformation is a parenting program designed for parents of difficult children – defiant, out-of-control, abusive, etc. It is for parents of kids with all kinds of behavioral problems ranging from ADD and ADHD to ODD, Autism, and bipolar disorder. The main jist of the Total Transformation is that […]

Total Transformation Overview

I was first introduced to The Total Transformation by my neighbor. She is the mother of an eight year old autistic child and she told me that it was doing wonders in helping her to parent him. She said that she thought it might help with our five strong-willed kiddos and that I should check […]

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