February 20, 2018

Baby Brain Development

How the brain develops has been researched since time began. For so long, this was viewed as some mystical event. Then rudimentary with the basis of being only an internal process. But recently, there has been significant discoveries of how environment plays a huge part in the brain development, especially baby brain development. In her […]

Reactive Attachment Disorder Mama – Don’t Judge

Hi all – One problem we mamas of Reactive Attachment Disorder kids have is the judgement of others who do not know of where we come. It is an ongoing educating process on that our kids aren’t just brats, have bad manners, or rule the roost. See, parenting of a Reactive Attachment Disorder kid looks […]

Sad Side of Reactive Attachment Disorder

Hi all – Today I am chatting via video. Life changed last week as #2 came back to our neck of the woods. No man’s an island and neither is a family with reactive attachment disorder. Though at times it can feel like it for sure! Sad Side of Reactive Attachment Disorder Chat soon ~ […]

What Is Going on Inside A Reactive Attachment Disorder Child’s Mind – An Insider’s Look

My son came home from school heartbroken today – his girlfriend broke up with him (via a friend based on what something another boy said supposedly!). He was crying buckets which was hard enough. But what was even harder was he wouldn’t talk to us. No that is an understatement, he yelled at us that […]

Another Sunday In the Life!!

Our family goes to church on Sundays, almost every Sunday. It is part of the fabric of who we are! We belong to a family of believers and this is part of what we are honored to be able to do being part of this family. We have gone to church on Sunday ALL of […]

So Many Things Swirling Around

There are so many things swirling around in my head that I wanted to share about Reactive Attachment  Disorder. Then I noticed that most of my posts lean heavily from the parents’ perspective (and rightly so!). However, lately my heart is filled with looking beyond the behaviors of my kiddos and into their hearts. Here […]

How was Christmas?

Well, how did Christmas go for you and your kids? No, not the “ it was fine – food, presents and family”, you know the pat answer. Let’s be real – how did you fare with the family part? Up to a few years ago, I thought Christmas was chaotic and crazy because that was […]

Are People In Your Life Covered With Peanut Butter?

One of the hardest things about having RAD kids is the fact that you can’t lead a normal life. I was talking to a friend today at church and she told me about a conversation she’d had with someone who wanted to trade off watching each others kids once in a while. She didn’t know […]

There’s A Monster In My Closet!!!

I saw this funny video the other day, and while I don’t recommend this dad’s parenting technique (though it is tempting sometimes!), it got me to thinking about a parenting issue that I’ve been struggling with lately. While I don’t think it’s right to lie to your children, I do think it’s right to tell […]

I Saw A Picture Of My Daughter Today

I saw a picture of my daughter today, sleeping. She looked so peaceful and happy. How my heart ached for her, missing her as well as wishing her face looked the same when she was awake. Life has taken a turn that a year ago we had not foreseen. She is my alphabet soup girl; […]

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