January 23, 2018

Does your child refuse the consequences?

I went to a training this last week put on by Nancy Thomas locally. It was an excellent opportunity that I couldn’t pass on and I am glad I went. I found as always answers to my questions that I didn’t even know I had until someone else asked them. And one I want to […]

Big Feelings

Kids with Reactive Attachment Disorder have no idea how to process their feelings. Everything, and I mean everything , at first comes out as anger. This can be scary for you and trust me it is scary for them. Now don’t be discouraged with this reality check. Because once you get this, there are definite […]

Give Me a Break!

Respite is another area (along with support) that I have found gives me the ability to continue on this amazing journey. With kiddos who have special needs, a break for them and from them is important for all. Finding respite is another story. With our RAD kids, there is special training that must be in […]

Ten Weird Things That Help RAD Kids Get Healthy

One of the things that we’ve learned as we go down the path of parenting Reactive Attachment Disorder children is that in many ways you don’t parent them the same way that you parent attached, bonded kiddos. Here are 10 things that work for RAD kids that you might not expect. Strong sitting. When they […]

Don’t Let Your Kids Use Your Brain

One of the worst things we’ve done over the years is to let our kids use our brains. It happens all the time! It’s just a natural thing to do – they ask a question they can very easily figure out on their own and without thinking, you answer it. Argh! So what am I […]

Parents – Take Care of Yourselves!

If you’re the mom or dad of a difficult child, especially one that’s ODD, ADHD, or RAD, then you know how physically and mentally tiring that can be. These kids can really drain your energy, and you absolutely must take steps to take care of yourself. If you aren’t healthy and well rested, you just […]

Parents of RAD Kids Have PTSD!

If you have a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder, then you know how stressful life can be. One thing we’ve learned lately is that there is a good chance we have Secondary Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD! I always thought this was a disorder for soldiers coming back from Iraq or Afghanistan – not […]

How to Deal With the Heartbreak from a Reactive Attachment Disorder Teen

The title of this article is an exact phrase that someone typed in to Google and ended up on our website. When I saw this it broke my heart – because my wife and I know exactly how that person feels. I don’t know them, I don’t know their story or their child, but I […]

Seven Power Drains of RAD Kids

If you want to help your Reactive Attachment Disorder kid to become healthy, it’s important to get past the behavior problems that will drive you up the wall and interfere with the development of a loving relationship that is so vital to their healing. Here is a list of 7 ways that RAD kiddos will […]

Pizzazz the Good Behavior

One of the most important things you can do for a Reactive Attachment Disorder child is to build their self-image – in a healthy way. These kids feel bad about themselves, and when they act out a lot of the time that’s why. This is something I’ve learned, but today I got to put the […]

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