January 23, 2018

Personal Hygiene for Teenagers

“My teenager stinks”. Greasy hair, dirty teeth, smelly body odor, YUCK! In talking to other parents, it sometimes seems personal hygiene for teenagers ranks right up there with drug and alcohol use. Most of us feel like their unkempt appearance is a direct reflection of our parenting abilities. What is a parent to do? Relax 1st. […]

Simple Tips for a Teen Driver: Forming Your Own Plan

When one of your kids starts to get towards the age of 14, 15 and 16 the thoughts about driving begin to become reality. This can often be one of the most stressful tasks in parenting when it comes to the teenage years, so even the faintest of tips can often help out. Still, perhaps […]

A Timeline for Your Child’s SAT Preparation – Helping Your Child Develop a Positive Routine

Hi Folks! Here’s an article about helping your children prepare for the SAT’s. By Miriam Attia, Parliament Tutors While different students need help with different parts of the test, almost all students need to begin by reading more challenging books and learning new vocabulary words. Depending on a student’s starting point and target score, he or […]

Three Steps to Teaching Responsibility

Kids are adverse to responsibility as north is to the south pole. They have learned from an early age that others will take care of them, feed them, bathe them, dress them. It is no big shock that responsibility is something we have to teach them because they are not born with it. So we […]

Responsibility is a Four Letter Word!

I have a child who is self-declared lazy. He has no bones about looking you straight in the eye and saying “NO” when asked to do something. And if he is mad because he can’t do something he wants, simply walking away is his method of rejection your request. Only if there is a tangible […]

There’s A Monster In My Closet!!!

I saw this funny video the other day, and while I don’t recommend this dad’s parenting technique (though it is tempting sometimes!), it got me to thinking about a parenting issue that I’ve been struggling with lately. While I don’t think it’s right to lie to your children, I do think it’s right to tell […]

Off To College!

As we sent our oldest off to college, things – okay emotions – started popping up that I could not have imagined in the darkest, sleepless night. Such as “we could no longer define ourselves as a family of seven”. And really not even 6 due to another child choosing a hard path outside of […]

I Saw A Picture Of My Daughter Today

I saw a picture of my daughter today, sleeping. She looked so peaceful and happy. How my heart ached for her, missing her as well as wishing her face looked the same when she was awake. Life has taken a turn that a year ago we had not foreseen. She is my alphabet soup girl; […]

Parenting RAD Teens

This journey of parenting RAD teens makes me feel like I am groping along blindly in a black tunnel. The statistics are not encouraging either – over age 13 the success rate drops dramatically in healing these kiddos. Notice most camps are only up to age 12? After the hormones kick in, you start facing […]

How to Deal With the Heartbreak from a Reactive Attachment Disorder Teen

The title of this article is an exact phrase that someone typed in to Google and ended up on our website. When I saw this it broke my heart – because my wife and I know exactly how that person feels. I don’t know them, I don’t know their story or their child, but I […]

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