January 23, 2018

Child Behavior Problem – 3 Tools Children Are Not Born With

Do you have a child behavior problem around your house? The truth is good behavior is a skill that can be learned, just like teaching, sewing, driving a car. I believe there are three important tools that our children are not born with and need to learn as a foundation for good behavior. These are: […]

Military Schools for Girls

Sometimes teenage girls are so out-of-control that parents feel there is no solution other than to send them to a military school for girls, boot camp, or wilderness program. Usually, this isn’t something they want to do – it’s because they’ve tried everything else and they don’t see any other alternative. Residential treatment programs like military […]

Positive Parenting Skills Tools

Positive parenting skills – not something you’re just born with! They need to be learned and developed over time. Unfortunately, as far as kids are concerned, the landscape is constantly changing. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, they morph into some other hideous creature that you don’t recognize and you’ve got to […]

Six Positive Parenting Skills That Lead to Accountability

Our primary job as a positive parent is to make sure our kids are able to function successfully on their own when they leave the house. Every decision we make should be made with that goal in mind. This knowledge and single-minded focus should help us to navigate the waters of parenting much easier, because we […]

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