February 22, 2018

Being the Best Mom

Being the best mom has taken on new meaning for me. I used to equate Best Mom with Super Mom. But as I have been learning the last years of parenting, it is more than doing for the kids everything I can (and usually way more!). There are priorities in life. And mothering is no […]

Daily Schedules for Teenagers

Teaching teenagers to keep their own daily schedules is imperative. It is what they need to be able to do in order to be successful in life. If the parents are their calendar, they will never learn how to manage their lives as adults. Schools have realized that this important. Starting now in elementary school, […]

Memory of Loved Ones

Sometimes we need to just sit and reflect on our memory of loved ones who have passed on before us.  Whether we choose to visit their gravesite, talk about them with other family members or friends, or simply be alone with our memories, it is part of keeping ourselves connected to them.  When I think […]

Summer Camp and Homesickness

It is that time of year again – summer camp. And nothing is more common than summer camp and homesickness. Kids are heading out and parents are holding them back! Sure kids miss home when they leave, and other than a quick moment right at bedtime, they are having a blast. Home is relegated to […]

SAT – It’s Not Too Early To Start Preparing!

Here’s an article about getting your kid ready for the SAT tests. By Leslie Hughes, Hughes Tutoring  and Joseph Fernandez, Parliament Tutors Did you know that preparing for college begins long before you even start thinking about what schools you want to apply to? There are different aspects of a student that colleges look at when considering an […]

Children and Divorce

The topic of divorce is a sore subject.  Today many families are a mix of children from each spouse’s previous marriage and children they’ve had together.  Are you one of those families?  This is all around us, and different people are dealing with it in different ways.  Are you a step parent?  Have you been […]

Balancing Work and Family May Become Easier in the Future

Many of our American families are faced with the fact that both parents have to work in order to cover household expenses.  In 2010, the Catalyst survey shows that 64.3% of families in the U.S. (14,345,000 families) had both parents in the work force.  While both parents are at work, their children must be cared […]

A Timeline for Your Child’s SAT Preparation – Helping Your Child Develop a Positive Routine

Hi Folks! Here’s an article about helping your children prepare for the SAT’s. By Miriam Attia, Parliament Tutors While different students need help with different parts of the test, almost all students need to begin by reading more challenging books and learning new vocabulary words. Depending on a student’s starting point and target score, he or […]

Six Ways To Provide For Your Kids In Tough Times

Have these difficult economic times affected you and your family? Have you or a family member lost your job? If not, you are very fortunate. If so, you are one of thousands. And if so, how are you coping? Today, I want to talk about ways we can continue to provide for our families even […]

Children and Pets

Do you have pets in your household?  If so, how many, and what kind? There are many pros and a few cons to owning pets.  Mostly, with adult supervision and loving encouragement, pets add a wonderful dimension to your family. What should you consider before getting a pet? There are many things to consider when […]

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