February 24, 2018

About Kris

Kris is wife to Robert and mom to Gabriel, a wonderful little boy. She enjoys animals, especially horses, and likes to write about children, pets, and other things close to her heart!

Memory of Loved Ones

Sometimes we need to just sit and reflect on our memory of loved ones who have passed on before us.  Whether we choose to visit their gravesite, talk about them with other family members or friends, or simply be alone with our memories, it is part of keeping ourselves connected to them.  When I think […]

The Easter/Lava Lamp Fiasco

You might be wondering what Easter has to do with a lava lamp. Read this new story by Kris Fino to find out! This Easter for us was like almost any other holiday…..rushed and chaotic.  We want to do the best we can for the 8 year-old we have at home.  Now, we knew Easter […]

Getting Enough Sleep

In children, even minor sleep deprivation can affect their ability to learn. It begins impairing memory, attention, and ability to concentrate. Because babies are unable to talk about how they feel, and older kids and teenagers can be poor judges of their own sleepiness, it is up to us to know the signs of sleep […]

Children and Divorce

The topic of divorce is a sore subject.  Today many families are a mix of children from each spouse’s previous marriage and children they’ve had together.  Are you one of those families?  This is all around us, and different people are dealing with it in different ways.  Are you a step parent?  Have you been […]

Medical Experiences With Kiddos

When is the last time you’ve had to take your little one to the emergency room?  What were your experiences there?  What about doctor’s visits? For some of us, it’s been a mixed bag.  When our son had an earache we took him to the emergency room.  They got him right in and took care […]

Balancing Work and Family May Become Easier in the Future

Many of our American families are faced with the fact that both parents have to work in order to cover household expenses.  In 2010, the Catalyst survey shows that 64.3% of families in the U.S. (14,345,000 families) had both parents in the work force.  While both parents are at work, their children must be cared […]

Why We Should Avoid Carbonated Beverages

Okay, parents, we’ve all done it…….sipping a fizzy soft drink can have such satisfying appeal. The kids see us having a soda and they want one too.  The more we drink them, the more we want to drink them. Seems harmless enough….but such an innocent little drink is, in fact, dangerous. Read on for some […]

Six Ways To Provide For Your Kids In Tough Times

Have these difficult economic times affected you and your family? Have you or a family member lost your job? If not, you are very fortunate. If so, you are one of thousands. And if so, how are you coping? Today, I want to talk about ways we can continue to provide for our families even […]

Having An “Only Child”

I never intended on becoming a parent. It’s a long story for another time, but having children was not in my plans.  Then at 40 years old I became pregnant, not planned, and my world came crashing down.  My husband and I weren’t married at the time.  All that ran through my head was “how […]

What We Should Know About MRSA and our Kids

I’m excited about writing this next article, because its about a certain bacteria (and I’m always excited about bacteria!): The now-famous microbe: Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, better known to us as MRSA. Why am I writing about this you may say? Well, if you have kids, this is a great bug to learn about and pass […]

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