February 20, 2018

About Julie

Julie is an awesome parent (along with her husband Matt) to five adopted kiddos and the owner of the Parenting Allies website.

Holidays Schmolidays

Something that seems to be common amongst adoptive families is tough holidays. It is prone to make one grinchly be heard to say “holidays schmolidays”!! It is hard to watch the warm, sweet commercials with huge family dinners, perfect present giving, and snowball fights when you are trying to hold a child together who is struggling. […]

My Children Keep Making Mistakes

My children keep making mistakes. Yep I said it. And not just a variety of mistakes. Normally it is the same mistake again and again. And teens are pros at this, it seems. While I was generally perusing Twitter, I came across this video by Annie Fox, M. ED “Why You Should Encourage Your Children […]

Teen Stress

Hi awesome parents! Today I want to introduce to you Laura Chapman. She has written an article on Teen Stress. She is the mother of two teenage daughters. Like a third of teenagers here in the States, her daughters have shown symptoms of stress. They have come under pressure to do well in school academically, to do […]

Celebrating the Holidays with Adopted Children

Most of us had visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads when we adopted our kiddos. For some of us, it didn’t take too many Christmases to realize that these young lovelies had different ideas of celebrating the holidays. School = trauma. Playing with friends = trauma. Sleeping = trauma. Holidays = trauma. LOVE […]

5 Things to Say to Someone Adopting

Recently I read an article written by a sweet mom who was in the process of adopting. She shared the crazy things people have said to her. They went on to list 5 things NOT to say to someone adopting. It was good advice. Being on this side of adoption – 21 years later – […]

Respite Care for Adopted Children – Part 2 Finding Respite Care

In my article Respite Care for Adopted Children, I stressed the need to have respite set up both for the child and for us as parents. The next step is finding appropriate respite care. This is the biggest problem because not everyone is fit to do healing (or at the very least – place holding) […]

Searching for My Birth Mom

Hi all – Lately I have been seeing lots of these posts on Facebook where someone searching for birth parents is holding a sign similar to ones you see on the street corners asking for $. And I am somewhat struggling with this. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not at all against adopted […]

Grandparents: Vital Part of Parenting

When we first started our family, we were so excited about raising them with an extended family’s help, especially grandparents who we know are vital part of parenting. However, this has not been the case all the time. You see kiddos with Reactive Attachment Disorder are not only hard to pull into your immediate family, […]

4 Insights into Single Parenting: I Miss Being Married

I have asked my friend Lynn Ellis to write a guest blog this week on Singleness and how it looks in parenting. Her story of widowhood is heartbreaking and as she journeys along (for now!) without a spouse, she has provided a unique insider’s look at singleness. It is my pleasure to share this with […]

Parents: Stressed Out?

Hi all – How are you? I am checking in to tell you about a great webinar just for us parents. Next Wednesday April 24 at 10am you can join Marcy Axness. You will feel heard, uplifted, supported and understood. Please click on the link below to register right now! 5 Tools for Transforming Stressed-Out […]

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