January 23, 2018

SAT – It’s Not Too Early To Start Preparing!

Here’s an article about getting your kid ready for the SAT tests. By Leslie Hughes, Hughes Tutoring  and Joseph Fernandez, Parliament Tutors Did you know that preparing for college begins long before you even start thinking about what schools you want to apply to? There are different aspects of a student that colleges look at when considering an […]

A Timeline for Your Child’s SAT Preparation – Helping Your Child Develop a Positive Routine

Hi Folks! Here’s an article about helping your children prepare for the SAT’s. By Miriam Attia, Parliament Tutors While different students need help with different parts of the test, almost all students need to begin by reading more challenging books and learning new vocabulary words. Depending on a student’s starting point and target score, he or […]

Helpful Hints in Potty-Training Toddlers

You may be ready to ditch diapers long before your child is. Potty training requires both physical and emotional preparedness for everyone involved. Starting potty training too early only prolongs the process. A toddler is physically ready for potty training when he or she can control bladder muscles and bowel movements. Indications that your child […]

It’s Never Too Late: 7 Ways to Start Parenting More Effectively

by James Lehman, MSW Many parents write in to Empowering Parents and ask, “Is it too late to change the way I parent my child—and will it actually work if I do?” In this article, James Lehman explains how you can change the way you parent, and why your child’s behavior has a much better […]

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