January 23, 2018

Are People In Your Life Covered With Peanut Butter?

One of the hardest things about having RAD kids is the fact that you can’t lead a normal life. I was talking to a friend today at church and she told me about a conversation she’d had with someone who wanted to trade off watching each others kids once in a while. She didn’t know what to say – while she would be happy to watch her friend’s kids, there is no way she could let the women watch her RAD kiddo. She just didn’t understand the disorder. You see, you just can’t treat these kids like other kids. It makes them sicker.

If you had a child that was allergic to peanuts, people would bend over backwards to not give peanuts to that child. Parents of RAD kids don’t get the same kind of help. Quite often, just the opposite is true – quite often people will show up at your house covered in peanut butter! What do I mean by this? Well, it’s from a great article I read on another RAD parent’s site, and it really describes this perfectly. The mom who writes the blog has 2 older birth kids, and a younger child they adopted from Ethiopia. Click here to read the article.

If you’ve got adopted kids, you may be able to relate. If you have friends with adopted kids, you’ll understand their struggles even better.

Do you have RAD kids? For many more ideas, tools, and techniques make sure to check out When Love Is Not Enough by Nancy Thomas. This is the most important book you can buy, and it’s only about $12. Get one today!

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Matt is the parent (along with his wife Julie) to five wonderful kids. He has been self-employed for 25+ years and is the owner of the Parenting Allies website.

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