January 22, 2018

An Apple A Day

Hi All –

An Apple A DayMornings, oh lovely mornings – I need a cup of coffee – hey where’d that donut come from ;). Head first to the coffee pot, tripping over dogs with their legs crossed, swiping aside dishes from late night snacks. It is something I need daily.

Found this blog that got my mind a-whirling about what else do I need daily. Here’s a clip of that blog –

Laughter has been said to reduce stress and other negative emotions like anger and fear.  It decreases pain by releasing endorphins and also has been said to strengthen your immune system.  I even read a study that said laughter burned calories – woohoo – bring on the funnies!!  Everyone loves someone who can make them laugh. Enjoy the full meal deal blog.

That is a for sure daily doses of loads of laughter. Serve mine up with a good old belly laugh and my cup runneth over.

Other must haves – quiet time with my Lord, hugs from each kiddo, many more from my man. Gotta have some good tunes, a walk/run, clean kitchen before bed, and connect with a friend. Like to brighten someones day (bonus when it is a stranger who God wants to love on!) and knock something off my yucky job list.

Lastly, must be able to crawl into my lovely  bed with my lovely groom in a house quieted after a day of utter noise! What blessings!

What about you?

Chat soon ~

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Julie is an awesome parent (along with her husband Matt) to five adopted kiddos and the owner of the Parenting Allies website.

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  1. Hi Julie! Thanks for the quote… glad you found it good enough to share 🙂 I love to laugh – have to each day! Love your other must haves… All great things to do each day!

  2. Hello Julie Every mom is really have a lot of things to do starting early in the morning. Busy preparing the kids for school, cook breakfast and so many things to do the whole day. Having time to laugh with other people is really a good idea and at the same time it has good benefits in our health. Thanks for sharing.
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