January 22, 2018

Archives for November 2012

Thanksgiving – or Is It?

Hi All! Today I was musing over this upcoming holiday (and wondering how I am going to get everything cooked in my one oven!). It seems to be an interesting holiday. You see, are we really thankful for what we have or only the good things we have? Let me tell you where I am […]

Emotional Issues After Adoption

In my series of Adoption: Let’s Be Honest, I want to address the emotional issues after adoption. There are many and they, of course, vary by child and family. But there are some commonalities that can be looked at. Namely, their emotions surrounding their parents, both birth and adopted. My 5 kids each feel differently […]

The Holiday Blues

Hi All – As you know I have been writing a series called Adoption: Let’s Be Honest. In this series, I want to basically “out” all the things that we adoptive parents have not been saying. And now we are saying loudly and collectively because we know that silence has not worked to this point. […]

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