January 22, 2018

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Movement Therapy for Adopted/Foster Children

I shared with you in my series Adoption: Let’s Be Honest, that I would be giving parents looking to adopt or having adopted tools to be prepared when the pain of these children comes out. Today, we are looking at movement therapy for adopted/foster children. Because trauma in children manifests itself in many different ways, […]

Book Review: School Struggles by Richard Selznick, PhD

I had an opportunity to review the book School Struggles by Richard Selznick, PhD last week. The subtitle of this book is A Guide to Your Shut-down Learner’s Success. That is actually a better title because this book is a practical guidebook on navigating your mostly behaviorally challenged child through the maze of school. This […]

Adoption: Let’s Be Honest

Hi All – I made this video last week just for you. Mama Juju has been going through some hard soul searching about adopting and have finally got an idea why, somewhat! Please grab a cup of coffee as I share this with you.   Chat Soon ~ About the author: By Julie HellstromJulie is […]

Parent Resources Guidance

You know the age old lament – “kids don’t come with instruction manuals!” (I have even caught myself saying it!)? Well I decided to give you some parent resources guidance. It is a bit like a manual in that I put several resources in this one article to have at your fingertips. This website also […]

Raising Sons to be Men

Raising sons to be men is hard enough in a two-parent family. But for a single mom, this can seem insurmountable. However, this is not necessarily the case anymore. That is good news for women who are struggling to be both mom and dad. There are certain traits that boys must learn (and some they must […]

What to Read to My Young Uns!

Hi All – I had a sweet baby nephew born a couple of months ago! His birth has started me thinking about when my kiddos were just sprouts and its actually kind of exciting! Well for lots of reasons, really! And it has started with reading! I loved, loved, loved reading to my kids and […]

Neurofeedback for Brain Trauma

Many of our adopted kids come with brain trauma. It is called Reactive Attachment Disorder. The good news is there is a treatment called Neurofeedback for Brain Trauma that can help retrain the brain. Sounds wild doesn’t it?! But I can give you personal testimony on how it worked for 2 of my adopted kids. Research over […]

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