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Mama’s Heart Never Gives Up

Hi all – As I continue (with my man, of course) on the journey with these adopted kiddos, I not only learn new parenting tools that I must use for the Reactive Attachment Disorder, but I also gain more insight into what is going on in their hearts and minds. This week has been no […]

Being the Best Mom

Being the best mom has taken on new meaning for me. I used to equate Best Mom with Super Mom. But as I have been learning the last years of parenting, it is more than doing for the kids everything I can (and usually way more!). There are priorities in life. And mothering is no […]

Alcohol Abuse in Children: Keeping Your Child Safe

This article is from one of our great contributors. Please read and then comment letting her know you appreciated her article. Thanks! Research has shown that 80% of kids have experimented with alcohol, long before it is legal for them to drink. Adolescents experience depression, emotional anxiety, and have less practice with positive-coping skills that […]

Unexpected Surprises

Hi All – Here’s a video I made sharing a funny story from my work! Enjoy the giggle – (man I got a wrinkly neck =) Chat soon ~ About the author: By Julie HellstromJulie is an awesome parent (along with her husband Matt) to five adopted kiddos and the owner of the Parenting Allies […]

Daily Schedules for Teenagers

Teaching teenagers to keep their own daily schedules is imperative. It is what they need to be able to do in order to be successful in life. If the parents are their calendar, they will never learn how to manage their lives as adults. Schools have realized that this important. Starting now in elementary school, […]

Stepparents Roles

There is no doubt that stepparenting is parenting on steriods. Stepparents not only must learn parenting skills but stepparents roles and skills. It could be compared to learning how to parent and then add skills to parent a special needs child. It is not an easy path. But with some information and adaptability it can […]

The Start of The Empty Nest Season

Hi All – This year has been the beginning of the “ends” in our family. You know, the end of things your family does. Like the end of having any children in our elementary school. For so long, in fact 19 years,  it has been the beginning of things. Firsts, like walking, talking, swimming lessons, […]

Building Self Confidence in Children: Secrets and Shame

Building self confidence in children is an animal unto itself. Partly, because we as parents have some responsibility in doing it and partly, because they do too. Self confidence starts at an early age. Not to be confused with selfishness, it is where our children feel they are good enough in the eyes of people […]

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