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Helping Others Helps Yourself

Hi All – Lately, as I watch my adorable children evolve into, well self-centered teens (yup I said it!), I have been pondering how to turn this bus around. And one day it struck me!! Serve others! You see, whenever I need to get my eyes off my own navel, I find something to do […]

Fun Things for Teenagers to Do in the Summer

It is summer time again and up pops the question are there fun things for teenagers to do in the summer? With 3 of my 4 boys still at home and teens, this is definitely a pressing issue. Throw video games in with online friend gaming and I lose the leverage of telling them to […]

Memory of Loved Ones

Sometimes we need to just sit and reflect on our memory of loved ones who have passed on before us.  Whether we choose to visit their gravesite, talk about them with other family members or friends, or simply be alone with our memories, it is part of keeping ourselves connected to them.  When I think […]

Who’s In Control Here?

Hi All – Had an interesting interaction occur with one of my sweet kiddos this week that got me thinking about control. Not the “I am going to beat you over the head with demands until you do what I say” kinda control. But the control that allows the child to trust in our training […]

How ADHD/Asperger’s Children Make Friends

The diagnosis of ADHD or Asperger’s carries a lot of concerns. One of these is how ADHD/Aspergers children make friends. There is hope. As a mom of 5 children, 3 with special needs, I can remember wondering will kids ever accept them. And more so, will they have close friends who want to play with […]

Boundaries With My Daughter

Hi All – Life around this clan has definitely taken an uptick since my daughter has come back to our neck of the woods from a brief respite – needed by everyone! Now that she was back, though not residing at our home, I knew that I had to change the way I handled things […]

Summer Camp and Homesickness

It is that time of year again – summer camp. And nothing is more common than summer camp and homesickness. Kids are heading out and parents are holding them back! Sure kids miss home when they leave, and other than a quick moment right at bedtime, they are having a blast. Home is relegated to […]

Effective Parenting Styles

With parents, because of my kiddos who have reactive attachment disorder, I try to stay away from the blame game. Such as this child is misbehaving  because there are no effective parenting styles in that house. I find that this is neither productive nor kind. This being said – it is important as parents to be […]

Happy Independence Day!

Hi All – I love the Fourth of July! We start by heading south to a small town who does an old-fashioned celebration complete with country music, ice cream social, pie eating contests, barbeque and a stellar fireworks display put on by the local chamber of commerce. It is truly family fun! This year, while […]

You Can Get The Total Transformation Program Free

Snapshot of your life: It has been determined that your child has oppositional defiant disorder issues. After the initial shock and confusion, you started researching just what this was. The results of the research proved that you no longer have to struggle with your child’s behavioral difficulties. There is help and the Total Transformation program […]

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