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Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

Hi All – Riding in the car yesterday, I heard the phrase – Time flies when you are having fun, but doesn’t when you are not! Most days, never give this statement a second glance. But today – it caught my ear. Seems the speaker was posing the question as she was on the treadmill […]

Teenage Friendship Advice

Being a teenager is hard enough. Then add the primal drive for friendships and social involvement, you have an imminent need for teenage friendship advice. Mostly because the drive can be beyond reason and TV has totally distorted reality of friendships. In fact, they have made popular (and rich too!) the pinnacle of success. Now […]

My Cooking Secrets

Hi All – I just finished making a dessert for a BBQ my man and I are going to later. So what you say? The fact of the matter, I am no gourmet cook. Recipes and I are actually mortal enemies. Anything more than 4-5 ingredients and basic cooking utensils, I pass. Recently, my best […]

Listening to Your Teenager

My teenagers have occasionally been known to say “you aren’t listening”. In an attempt to prove them wrong, I mean to be supportive, I searched on the terms listening to your teenager. Desperately looking for what listening skills this highly communicative, professional woman was missing. I was shocked to see most search results were focused […]

Happy Father’s Day

Hi All – Can’t not say Happy Father’s Day to all our baby daddies! Without them we wouldn’t be mamas! Here is a funny rap that gives us insider info into a Dad’s life. Enjoy! http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=902EJ1NU And Happy Father’s Day again! Chat soon ~   About the author: By Julie HellstromJulie is an awesome parent […]

An Apple A Day

Hi All – Mornings, oh lovely mornings – I need a cup of coffee – hey where’d that donut come from ;). Head first to the coffee pot, tripping over dogs with their legs crossed, swiping aside dishes from late night snacks. It is something I need daily. Found this blog that got my mind […]

Baby Brain Development

How the brain develops has been researched since time began. For so long, this was viewed as some mystical event. Then rudimentary with the basis of being only an internal process. But recently, there has been significant discoveries of how environment plays a huge part in the brain development, especially baby brain development. In her […]

Reactive Attachment Disorder Mama – Don’t Judge

Hi all – One problem we mamas of Reactive Attachment Disorder kids have is the judgement of others who do not know of where we come. It is an ongoing educating process on that our kids aren’t just brats, have bad manners, or rule the roost. See, parenting of a Reactive Attachment Disorder kid looks […]

School’s Out for Summer!

Hi All – The day is drawing near, at least here! Friday is the last day of school for our school district until September 4th. The last month has been crazy with year end activities. Field trips, band concerts, award banquets, final projects, finals, yada yada! In between all this craziness, I have been thinking […]

Responsible Teenagers

Does it seem to you that the idea of responsible teenagers is just a myth? Come on we remember what we were like as teens and well for me, responsible at times was not how I would describe it. But don’t let that discourage you because responsible teenagers are out there and can even be […]

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