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Teenage Dating

Hi all – Mama Juju has a bit of a bee in her bonnet. The buzz is teenage dating. It’s like this – The hubby and I decided when our kiddos were itty bitty babies that we wanted our kids to be emotionally mature before they took themselves a beau (or beauette). To us, emotionally […]

Tips For Getting Kids to Eat More Fruits

“Fruit is icky!” Is this a common phrase in your house? If you are like us, we have jumped through many hoops to  get our kiddos to eat something healthy. Dressing food up, disguising it, hiding under chocolate – that’s right, under chocolate. Peanut butter works well too! What we need are tips for getting […]

Happy Memorial Day!

Hi All – It has been a crazy busy week and I didn’t find myself much in Mama Juju’s corner. Mama said that there’d be days (in my case – weeks) like this! So in my final mad dashing around here at the end of this week, I wanted to leave you with this video. […]

May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor!

Hi all – My  life can have the funniest twists to it. Thankfully I am blessed with a sense of humor. Sometimes it appears at, well, at inopportune times. And this happened the other day…my #5 was coming up with some elaborate plan to do the most simplest part of his math schoolwork. The gyrations […]

It’s Too Easy!

Your report card said you got a 2.8 this semester. I thought you told me that your classes were so easy! You have had 4 unexcused tardies this semester. But Mom, jazz is too easy! Hi all – this is a glimpse in to a few of the gazillion conversations I had with a couple […]

What Is Going on Inside A Reactive Attachment Disorder Child’s Mind – An Insider’s Look

My son came home from school heartbroken today – his girlfriend broke up with him (via a friend based on what something another boy said supposedly!). He was crying buckets which was hard enough. But what was even harder was he wouldn’t talk to us. No that is an understatement, he yelled at us that […]

Terrific Tuesday – Trip to LA with ET’s Hanging with the Star’s Sweepstakes

Hi all – Are you confused – I am doing the Terrific Tuesday on Wednesday. It is Wednesday right? Been out of town visiting with my mom and didn’t want to pass up on the sweepstakes/giveaways day. So this is a day late but not a dollar short! Trip to LA with ET’s Hanging with […]

Mama War

Posting someone else’s blog is not something I normally am want to do – except of course when the brain cells aren’t firing on all 8 or when there is a post that must be repeated. And this is one of them – You may not know this but Matt and I were unable to […]

Kids Health – Thursday Tips

Hi all. What seems to worry moms most? Well I don’t know if this is true for you, but for sure for me, it’s my kids health. Thinkin’ maybe a few helpful hints today will give us all a bit of peace of mind. Salt – What is a baseline for intake? Here’s a couple […]

Modern Day Friendships

Howdy! I read this really cool article the other day titled Old-Fashioned Friendship. And it sure got me thinkin’. You see, for some reason we tend to think that the best way to grow up children is the way we grew up. Why is that? Let me share from that blog the part that caught my […]

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