January 22, 2018

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Hi! I’m Julie and I am an enabler!

Hi! I’m Julie and I am an enabler! Yep, I figured this out (with a bit of help from my therapist – OK, a lot of help from my therapist!) recently. You see I got crossed up along the parenting way. The confusion came on slowly and was not even recognizable until it was too […]

I Saw A Picture Of My Daughter Today

I saw a picture of my daughter today, sleeping. She looked so peaceful and happy. How my heart ached for her, missing her as well as wishing her face looked the same when she was awake. Life has taken a turn that a year ago we had not foreseen. She is my alphabet soup girl; […]

Raising ODD Children Is Interesting, Isn’t It?

Raising children is interesting isn’t it? Every day, something new comes up so that on the job training is the norm. Now, if you are raising Oppositional Defiant Disorder kiddos, every moment can feel like on the job training as it is very different than raising “typical kids”. And what is more difficult is that […]

Parenting RAD Teens

This journey of parenting RAD teens makes me feel like I am groping along blindly in a black tunnel. The statistics are not encouraging either – over age 13 the success rate drops dramatically in healing these kiddos. Notice most camps are only up to age 12? After the hormones kick in, you start facing […]

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