January 22, 2018

Archives for May 2011

Do You Like Behavior Charts?

I have always gone back and forth over charts. In the past, I mostly feel like I have to direct the kid to the chart and remind them of the reward constantly. In the end, I am well-trained – to read a chart! So the struggle has been for me that I do believe rewards […]

Big Feelings

Kids with Reactive Attachment Disorder have no idea how to process their feelings. Everything, and I mean everything , at first comes out as anger. This can be scary for you and trust me it is scary for them. Now don’t be discouraged with this reality check. Because once you get this, there are definite […]

Total Transformation Program Reviews

If you’re looking for Total Transformation program reviews, you’re going to find stuff that’s all over the board. There are some people that really love the program (like me) and some that can’t stand it. There are also those that call it a scam, but I’m not going to talk about those people here. I’ve […]

Give Me a Break!

Respite is another area (along with support) that I have found gives me the ability to continue on this amazing journey. With kiddos who have special needs, a break for them and from them is important for all. Finding respite is another story. With our RAD kids, there is special training that must be in […]

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