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RAD Moms Have It Tough

RAD moms have one of the hardest jobs in the world. When I say “RAD” moms, I’m not talking about “Radical”, as in super-cool, though that’s a pretty good description of them. RAD moms are mothers of children with Reactive Attachment Disorder, and let me tell you it can be a nightmare! I’m a RAD […]

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Working with kids who have attachment issues can give you tunnel vision. Really, any kiddos with child behavior problems can monopolize your time and drain your energy. I have found that I have to be purposeful in planning fun when one kid’s problem behavior is using a lot of my time. My kids are always […]

ComputerTime – Parental Monitoring Software

One of our children would spend 24 hours a day on the computer, if we let him. Obviously, this is not a healthy thing! So we started searching for some parental monitoring software to limit his (and all the kids) computer time, and we found a few programs that looked like they would work. As […]

Neurotherapy for Reactive Attachment Disorder and ADHD

We have been learning SO MUCH about Reactive Attachment Disorder and ADHD over the last couple of years, and much of what we learned is very scientific. One of the things we’ve learned about is neurotherapy (or neurofeedback) and how that can help with these disorders. We have five adopted kids, and one of the […]

Reaching a RAD Child’s Heart

One of the hardest things for me to learn in parenting my RAD kiddos is that it is NOT about child behavior management or child behavior problems. You see I am very, very skilled in organization and behavior management, so parenting them thus far has been successful mostly due to this. However, as is seemingly […]

RAD Teens

One thing my husband and I have been learning on this road of therapeutic parenting is the younger you catch them the better the chance of success for them. We are glad that we have the information now but I, at least, find myself sometimes regretting that I didn’t know sooner. Some of the areas […]

Attachment Disorder Symptoms

Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) have experienced some sort of trauma in the first 3 years of their life. In order to diagnose them with Reactive Attachment Disorder, they need to have at least one of the causes and more than half of the Attachment Disorder Symptoms. The various causes include “in utero” problems […]

Wimpy Mom – Part 2

I recently shared about my adventures in revamping some of my less than effective parenting skills with my kids who have reactive attachment disorders. I wanted to share another thing I was taught during that respite therapy week. This second thing is not so easily identifiable. Mostly it came in the form of timidity, not […]

James Lehman

James Lehman created The Total Transformation, a comprehensive, multi-media program offering parents practical solutions to the most challenging problems facing them from their children, including disrespect, lying, swearing, defiance and acting out in school. James Lehman, MSW (Masters of Social Work) worked for more than 30 years with troubled teens, children, and their families to […]

Safe Eyes Review – Internet Monitoring Software

Do you have teenagers in your house? Then you absolutely have to have an internet monitoring software solution loaded on all the computers in your house! This is mandatory, and if you don’t have it there is no telling what your kids are looking at on the web. Not only that, but in this age […]

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