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Wimpy Mom

I have thought that after all this time in working with attachment disorder in children that I was fairly straight forward and lovingly strict. Wrong! My adopted children have shown me that I am a wimpy, frightened mom. You see last week, I took one of my sweetums to a week of respite therapy. It […]

Who is Nancy Thomas?

Nancy Thomas is the author of what we lovingly refer to as “The Reactive Attachment Disorder Bible” , or what she called When Love Is Not Enough. This book has helped us with our RAD kids more than any other resource we’ve tried. Nancy is definitely the RAD guru, in our opinion. Nancy is the […]

Why RAD kids shouldn’t have individual counseling

One of the biggest mistakes parents make is to send their Reactive Attachment Disorder child to individual counseling. We went down that road, and it’s not a good thing for them. It actually makes them sicker, not better. But how can that be true? Isn’t counseling good for any emotionally disturbed child? Well, the answer […]

What is Reactive Attachment Disorder?

What is Attachment? In order to understand exactly what Reactive Attachment Disorder (or just Attachment Disorder) is, first we need to explain what attachment is. Attachment in this defined in Wikipedia as “an emotional connection. Attachment involves being dependent on someone for something: emotional, mental or physical.” When we’re talking about attachment on this site, […]

Total Transformation Reviews

If you’ve been looking for Total Transformation Reviews on the internet, you’ve stumbled across the right site. Quite often, the people that review products don’t actually use the product, they’ll just listen to the CD’s or read the book, and write a review based on their feelings whether the product will work or not. This […]

Does The Total Transformation Really Work?

One of the questions that quite often gets asked when people come to this website is does Total Transformation really work? They want to know many different individual’s opinions on the program when they don’t have anything to gain or lose from reviewing it. (Click here to see a sample of the type of training you’ll find […]

Child Behavior Problems

Being a parent of five children, I’m constantly struggling with child behavior problems, and how to deal with them. It just goes with the territory. But last week, it came to a head, and I came to a few realizations that I don’t think I had before. Here’s what happened: My oldest son has a […]

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