January 22, 2018

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Children Discipline Means Love

Too often people are afraid to use the words children discipline because it brings up visions of harsh punishment. The word discipline means to disciple, teach , and guide. The word punishment means to hurt. In keeping these definitions straight in our parent minds, we can discern when we are handling children behavior issues, the […]

Can “Scared Straight” Work on a Daily Basis?

Remember the program that we saw as teens called “Scared Straight”? It was about teenagers who were in juvenile detention that had meetings with adults currently in the prison system. The adult prisoners minced no words in explaining how they had wasted their lives and how these teens were wasting theirs too. And they used […]

Out of Control Kids: Is this Normal?

One of the questions every parent asks when their children become teens (and start acting like teens) is “is this normal teen behavior or are they out of control kids?” So the best place to start to answer this question would be to determine a basic list of “normal” behaviors. “Normal” Acting moody and secretive […]

Child Behavior Problem – 3 Tools Children Are Not Born With

Do you have a child behavior problem around your house? The truth is good behavior is a skill that can be learned, just like teaching, sewing, driving a car. I believe there are three important tools that our children are not born with and need to learn as a foundation for good behavior. These are: […]

A Different Way to Look at Tough Love

A new added definition for tough love has taken form in our household. My 16 year old daughter has always danced to her own music. So when she asked and asked to have a nose piercing, it was no great surprise. We had been saying no to tattoos and piercing for over 4 years. However, […]

“Whatever” and “I Hate You” – Dealing with Child Attitude

You have heard it, right? The child attitude – you have just finished a well thought out, and even if you must say so, great parenting talk and bam the “whatever” is dropped. Or seemingly worse, they use the mother of all insults, “I hate you”. Now what do you do with this child attitude? […]

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