January 22, 2018

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Problem Children – Parents are the Solution Not the Problem

Parents of problem children are often perceived as being the problem—or that they’ve created their “problem children”. This is not normally the case. These parents need training, not blame. Are family members, maybe your kid’s teachers, and even counselors blaming you for your problem child’s acting out behavior? This leaves parents feeling trapped, isolated, and […]

Oppositional Defiant Disorder: How to Say No Without Saying No

Children with oppositional defiant disorder are not so good at handling the word no. They hear  “If I’m not in control, bad things happen. When bad things are happening around me, the only way I can survive is by being in control.” For oppositional defiant disorder children being out of control is the worst thing […]

Teen Behavior – Setting Limits

Parents need to set limits with their kids of all ages. When they’re young, that’s not so tough. It’s easy to keep a toddler from touching the stove, or running out in the street. As they get older, especially into their teen years, it becomes harder and harder. Not only do the limits need to […]

Out Of Control Child – 5 Steps To Saying No And Sticking To It

It’s difficult to say “no” to your kids and with out of control kids it is actually harder. It’s also challenging to follow through. It’s kind of a knee jerk reaction. So then you usually are backed into a corner. You have to stick with your “no” and that’s when the trouble takes place. Let […]

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