January 22, 2018

Archives for June 2009

ADHD Natural Remedy

I would like to share our story with ADHD natural remedies. Our family has tried all sorts of avenues, and we have found that each child is unique in their response to different alternatives. We have explored and found success with different medications, behavioral modification programs, and natural ADHD remedies. This article is focusing on […]

Total Transformation – Transition Time

One of the tools James Lehman talks about using in the Total Transformation Program is called “transition time”, and it’s simply having a short period of time when you get home from work, or your kid get’s home from school, when you’re not to be bugged by the rest of the family. You get a […]

Total Transformation – The Negotiator

One of the ineffective parenting roles James Lehman talks about in the Total Transformation is the over-negotiator. Here’s how that manifests itself in our house. It is hard to set reasonable rules for our family. And even harder when I try to enforce them that I meet the “master negotiator”. You know what I am […]

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